SENDing a message to government

With two councils awaiting the outcomes of judicial reviews into their plans to cut back spending on SEND services and a possible legal challenge for central government, Ann McGauran asks if more cash will be found to deal with 'a sense of crisis'

Families are increasingly embroiled in legal battles against councils' plans to reduce spending on special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) services. Last week's judicial review of Hackney LBC's policies followed a recent High Court challenge of the legality of Surrey CC's decision to cut more than £21m from its SEND budget.

Rulings are awaited in both cases. But they are not the first legal challenges of this nature. In the summer the High Court found Bristol City Council acted illegally when it was unable to show the correct consultation procedures had been followed before it decided to cut £5m from its SEND services.

Ann McGauran

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