• Counties in council tax warning

    07 October 2021

    County leaders have warned council tax bills would have to rise by a fifth over three years to get close to eliminating their deficits.

  • Mind the Gap

    31 August 2021

    Geoff Tucker at Norse explains how partnership income is easing councils’ funding gap.

  • Call for fair funding for Scottish councils

    16 August 2021

    Councils should not have their ‘hands tied’ by funding constraints, the Scottish Government has been told.

  • £1bn business grants still to be allocated

    28 June 2021

    Nearly half of £2bn handed to local authorities for discretionary business grant funding has yet to be allocated, the Government has said.

  • Meet the new breed of sustainable bonds

    08 April 2021

    UK local authorities are well placed to access the capital markets through Envrionmental, Social and Governance bonds, and the range of projects they can fund is vast, says Christian Wall.

  • The future of social care

    29 March 2021

    After 25 years of inaction, the Government has the chance to create a lasting legacy of a reformed, sustainably-funded social care system, says Kathryn Smith.

  • Future Forum North: 'Business rates will be like Tudor beard tax'

    17 March 2021

    A senior finance director has said ‘anachronistic’ business rates are ‘going in the direction of the Tudor beard tax’.

  • Planning is the key to success

    17 March 2021

    Cornwall Council's finance team has delivered a huge amount during the past year, says Tracie Langley. The team is already thinking about how to improve next year’s budget setting and monitoring processes, she adds.

  • Real power has to be moved away from London

    16 March 2021

    It's time to move real power away from London, not just government offices, argues Dr Arianna Giovannini.

  • Time for a think-tankery

    10 March 2021

    The people of Britain aren’t generally inclined to get too emotional about things. But if there’s one topic that’s more certain than most to bring a tear to the eye of any British person it’s the closure of pubs.

  • Corridors of power

    10 March 2021

    The chancellor accidentally takes a truth drug just before his Budget speech…

  • Councils in a jam shouldn’t have to scrape for funding crumbs

    10 March 2021

    Heather Jameson lays out what ministers need to do if they 'really want to streamline local government, create efficiency and allow councils to reach their potential'.

  • A tale of two Budgets?

    09 March 2021

    While the Budget delivered an economic quick fix, critics have highlighted its silence on support for public services and rising inequality, and a ‘scattergun’ approach to levelling up. Heather Jameson reports.

  • Under pressure from many directions

    09 March 2021

    Last week’s Budget made optimistic assumptions about post-pandemic costs that could mean cuts in services like local government down the line, reports Michael Burton.

  • Unfinished business

    09 March 2021

    The vision in Budget 2021 focused on a global, green, high tech economy, ‘but there was no sign of local government, local public services or local institutions of any sort’, says Dr Jonathan Carr-West.

  • Taking the opportunity to digitally ‘level up’

    09 March 2021

    Glen Ocsko says councils should take a digital-first approach to maximise the benefits of the Towns Fund.

  • Levelling up risks becoming less than the sum of its parts

    08 March 2021

    There is always political appetite for short-term infrastructure projects, but we need transparency and transformational change to level up, says Zoe Billingham.

  • Changing the economic geography

    08 March 2021

    Paul Swinney believes last week’s Budget showed a Government intent on maintaining control from the centre when it should be seeking to level up.

  • You can't level up from (just) the top down

    05 March 2021

    Andy Burns says while the ‘levelling up’ measures in the Budget are welcome, more strategic coherence and bottom-up, placed based approaches are needed

  • Levelling Up through Community Ownership

    05 March 2021

    Andrew Laird welcomes the plan to create a £150m Community Ownership Fund and says the agenda should also look at local public services and assets.