Cadman steps down as Birmingham chief

By Heather Jameson | 13 March 2024

Deborah Cadman is to stand down as chief executive of Birmingham City Council after almost three years at the council.

Announcing her departure, Cadman said she had ‘endeavoured to bring stability’ to the authority, which is currently under government intervention and has just been granted a £1.2bn capitalisation directive.

Cadman said: ‘It was always my intention to leave the council once the budget (2024/25) was agreed, and we had a clear route to recovery and improvement. Having secured that approval and having led on the development of the council’s new Improvement and Recovery Plan, I feel that now is the right time to hand over the baton to a new chief executive.’

She added: ‘I am of course incredibly disappointed with the council’s current financial position and the challenges that have arisen due to historic Equal Pay issues and the failed implementation of Oracle.

‘I joined the Council after a period of significant volatility that saw the organisation have four chief executives in only two years. I have endeavoured to bring stability to the organisation including making permanent appointments to senior roles.

‘It has been the honour of my life to be the Chief Executive of the City in which I was born and raised. I wish my colleagues every success in transforming the council into one that this great city deserves.’

Birmingham leader Cllr John Cotton acknowledged the contribution the chief executive had made, and added: ‘These have been incredibly difficult times and no one can doubt Deborah’s commitment to the council, the city and the region.’

Lead Commissioner Max Caller said: ‘It is very challenging working with Commissioners under a Statutory Intervention, and Deborah has responded effectively over the last six months. I wish Deborah well for the future as she continues her long and distinguished career in public service.’

Cadman will leave on 22 March. Professor Graeme Betts, deputy chief executive and director of adult social care, will act up into the role of chief executive until a new chief executive is appointed.

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