Cost of living

  • Building participation that promotes community cohesion

    29 May 2024

    Carly Walker-Dawson looks at the actions UK local and regional governments can take to promote community cohesion alongside partners at place level.

  • Recruitment needs a radical rethink

    28 May 2024

    A new approach matching people from disadvantaged communities with careers is bearing fruit in Birmingham, writes Sarah Longlands.

  • A transformative approach to fostering

    20 May 2024

    To coincide with Foster Care Fortnight Hillingdon LBC has launched an unrivalled payment and benefits package for foster carers, says Julie Kelly.

  • Costly housing crisis support crowds out prevention

    15 May 2024

    Jon Rowney says financial pressure on councils caused by the lack of affordable homes risks becoming overwhelming. 'A more outcomes-focused and systemic approach is needed.'

  • MJ Regen: Rebuilding Britain’s homes

    14 May 2024

    What should the next government should do to deliver on housing? Cllr Darren Rodwell says there are no quick wins, but the current housing crisis needs a range of solutions.

  • Brent’s big turnaround

    07 May 2024

    Brent has one of London’s highest poverty rates. Kim Wright illustrates how the council is working in partnership with several pilot initiatives to support residents hit by the cost of living crisis.

  • Labour’s local vision for growth

    08 April 2024

    Adam Fineberg says Labour’s new localist Industrial Strategy is a manifesto aimed at reaping the benefits of more widely distributed growth across the country.

  • Crises to continue as we lurch towards a General Election

    26 March 2024

    The MJ's 24-hour Future Forum summit cantered through a collection of catastrophes, says Heather Jameson. 'Perhaps we ought to conclude that watching local government is more like the Anatomy of a Fall. But at least it’s not quite Oppenheimer. Yet.'

  • Supporting communities together

    25 March 2024

    Genuine collaboration between housing associations and councils can help them meet their combined ambitions for communities and neighbourhoods, says Felicity Hunt.

  • The impact of ending the Household Support Fund would be disastrous

    28 February 2024

    The Household Support Fund is a crucial way for councils to help residents with the costs of living and should be top priority in the upcoming Budget, says Cllr Sir Stephen Houghton.

  • Don’t cut the HSF lifeline to families in distress

    27 February 2024

    A failure to extend the Household Support Fund beyond March will be catastrophic for many people in the poorest communities, says chair of Core Cities Cllr Bev Craig.

  • Council tax bands need a regional overhaul

    13 February 2024

    Heather Jameson asks: 'Will any incoming government rush to reform council tax? Will they be braver and take on wider public finance reform?'

  • Is leisure now a liability or an opportunity to support healthier communities?

    17 January 2024

    The three key challenges being faced by council leisure services can be addressed positively to protect services and deliver greater benefits to communities. Leading consultancy SLC share their recent successes with local authority leisure procurement.

  • Cities find their future

    15 January 2024

    Cllr John Merry looks back at Key Cities’ successes and considers what he would like the network and local government to achieve during the next decade.

  • It's time to sufficiently acknowledge and fund councils' safety net role

    09 January 2024

    Councils have had to rise to the challenge of a national social security system which is fragmented - and the uncertainty over the future of the Household Support Fund is symptomatic of a deeper issue, says Jon Rowney.

  • DWP fails to commit to continuing Household Support Fund

    08 January 2024

    The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has failed to commit to making the Household Support Fund (HSF) available to councils in 2024-25.

  • Social rents set for 7.7% increase

    08 January 2024

    The social rent cap has been set at 7.7% for the next financial year.

  • Under pressure

    04 December 2023

    Pressures are increasing in every local authority he speaks to, but with the need to bear down on the cost of living still pressing, this is not the right time for a big rise in council tax, says Greg Clark.

  • Autumn Statement: what lies behind the promises?

    28 November 2023

    Despite a few helpful announcements from the chancellor in relation to cost of living and hospitality the reality is the overall outlook for Westminster residents remains difficult, says Cllr Adam Hug.

  • Fulfilling a crucial role for children

    27 November 2023

    As directors of children’s services prepare to attend the National Children and Adult Services Conference, Ann McGauran assesses the challenges and rewards of this important role