Don't be afraid to recruit online

By Ann Hartley | 21 July 2020

In March, we saw an overnight change in how we recruit. I was impressed by the agility our clients showed in transitioning their selection to a completely online approach.

Some asked for help – and we were there to advise them how to create a robust, seamless approach for candidates and hiring managers.

Solutions have varied, depending on the volume, level and complexity of the assessment.

Where possible, we advise keeping everything simple – replacing traditional interviews with Skype or MSTeams, and emailing documents to senior candidates for presentations and role-plays.

My top tip is to ensure interviewers don’t suffer from ‘screen fatigue’. That leg stretch when fetching the candidate from reception helped interviewer wellbeing!

Solutions for entry-level candidates involve platforms. There are several to choose from, with integrated video chats and secure document transmission.

Think whether your current exercise will ‘lift and shift’ or needs changing, but don’t be afraid to move online.

Employer gains include cost and assessor efficiencies. Many candidates are more comfortable in their own home and save on travelling time.

Clients ask about candidates not meeting their potential employer in person. Which brings me to the ‘new normal’. Working remotely will be the reality for many: candidates are assessed virtually, in the environment where they may be working.

Something to consider next is whether the skills and qualities we seek in our new starters are different from the current person spec. Does the new normal need more resilience, proactivity, independence, or a different way to collaborate?

Ann Hartley is head of assessment at Penna

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