Election results: Tories lose Trafford but hold in London

By Mark Conrad and Heather Jameson | 04 May 2018

The Conservative flagship authority in Greater Manchester, Trafford City Council, has been lost to no overall control in an election night which saw a mixed bag for the two main parties.

In London, Labour failed to make predicted gains in Barnet, Westminster and Wandsworth. In Kensington and Chelsea, the party picked up seats in the aftermath of the Grenfell tower disaster, but failed to win control of the authority.

Jeremy Corbyn’s party also failed to make headway in Dudley Council, which remains no overall control,  and lost Nuneaton and Bedworth to no overall control, but it did succeed in taking Plymouth City Council from the Conservatives.

The biggest losers of the night were UKIP, losing seats across the country. However, the party did manage to unseat the Labour leader of Derby City Council.

The biggest winners were the Liberal Democrats, as they took control of Richmond RLBC.

In addition to holding its London flagships, the Conservatives won Peterborough from no overall control.

Birmingham City Council, which has gone to all out elections for the first time, has yet to declare its results.

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