• Leading the charge for net zero

    11 June 2024

    With the right support from the incoming government and by learning from successful initiatives like London’s Green Economy Action Plan, councils can lead in delivering net zero, says Niall Bolger.

  • London loan concept could be expanded

    11 June 2024

    A £190m loan to support the decarbonisation of buildings, energy and transport systems across London’s public sector could provide a model for UK local authorities, it has been suggested.

  • Climate action: Give us the tools so we can get the job done

    03 June 2024

    Cllr Dr Pete Sudbury says councils are the best bodies for delivering local climate action. He calls on the next government to empower them to get on with the task.

  • New approach to Council Climate Action Scorecards is launched

    29 May 2024

    Annie Pickering explains what’s changed in the updated Council Climate Action Scorecards methodology.

  • Truths and consequences behind LURA

    21 May 2024

    The Levelling Up and Regeneration Act finally made it into the statute book, but a raft of big ticket items have yet to be implemented. Will it survive a Starmer Government? Martin Ford reports.

  • Government advisers urge overhaul of infrastructure funding

    16 May 2024

    Councils should be given more funding to play a greater role in developing infrastructure projects, according to Government advisers.

  • MJ Regen: Finding solutions together

    14 May 2024

    This year’s UKREiiF event is set to premiere a new how-to guide to help public and private sector partners work together. Heather Jameson reports on the brainchild of the recently-formed EG Public Sector Forum.

  • A proactive approach to climate change

    14 May 2024

    Andrew Spencer discusses how Equans is creating sustainable communities through effective place-based decarbonisation.

  • Cyber criminals target councils in tactics shift

    09 April 2024

    A fresh warning for councils to be vigilant against cyber attackers has been issued after a shift in criminal tactics.

  • Ready for a bright new dawn?

    26 March 2024

    Rachel Reeves’ Mais lecture represented a clear shift away from New Labour towards an active state, a muscular industrial strategy and ambitious regional policy, say Mike Emmerich and Ben Lucas.

  • 'Grave concerns' over phone switchover

    22 March 2024

    UK mayors have expressed ‘grave concerns’ about the impact on vulnerable people of the planned phase out of the analogue phone system.

  • Pothole-riddled roads need £16bn investment, study finds

    19 March 2024

    The condition of roads in England and Wales has continued to decline despite councils spending £144m filling in two million potholes this financial year.

  • Desperately seeking a long-term diagnosis

    11 March 2024

    A successful economy needs to be built around world-class infrastructure  - and skilled, healthy people and public services are essential to the delivery of both, says Iain Murray.

  • Harnessing 5G’s transformative potential for future-ready digital infrastructures

    07 March 2024

    Cllr Neil Fawcett sets out why Oxfordshire CC jumped at the chance to lead the joint funding bid for the 5G IR (5G Innovation Regions) programme, for the benefit of local government and beyond.

  • We don’t need a Lyons’ 2.0

    06 March 2024

    With the seminal 2007 Lyons Review in focus, Ben Franklin and Annabel Smith look at why place-shaping has captured the zeitgeist and argue local government does not need another review, and should instead 'get on and do it'.

  • Getting Britain building again

    06 March 2024

    The Purposeful Finance Commission’s recommendation that businesses raise a target of £22.5m to help unblock urban infrastructure projects is an investment rather than a cost, says Tracy Blackwell.

  • How can we plan for the future of urban regeneration?

    22 February 2024

    With public funding for development down and expectations up, Nick Walkley says the future of regeneration will need new forms of collaboration across sectors.

  • Is EV charging the new rural amenity?

    13 February 2024

     EV charging is part of the solution to sustain thriving, dynamic rural communities, according to Zest.

  • Place shapers wanted

    06 February 2024

    George Agyemang and Pete John of Penna share their experiences over the past few years on the leadership talent market for place, regeneration and growth, and have strong hopes for this year.

  • Rocket-booster for the UK’s economy

    06 February 2024

    Newcastle, ‘backbone of the UK economy’, is powered by unique natural assets and a drive to innovate that is fundamental to the future prospects of the UK and the wider world. Cllr Nick Kemp explains.