LUHC Committee

  • Help councils unlock their true power

    16 April 2024

    With LGA plans for a local government White Paper gathering pace, Lord Bichard reiterates the importance of councils being afforded a genuine partnership with central government – something he feels the next government must establish as a matter of priority.

  • Oflog should be handed audit oversight, MPs told

    16 April 2024

    The Office for Local Government (Oflog) should be handed oversight of England’s broken audit regime – a role earmarked for the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) - accounting experts have told MPs.

  • Betts backs Homes England review

    15 April 2024

    Parliament’s housing committee chair has backed calls to remove some responsibilities from Homes England so the agency can focus on affordable housebuilding and regeneration.

  • Local government: One sector ready for the challenge

    02 April 2024

    While there’s still so much uncertainty around local government, it is positive to be thinking ahead to meaningful and lasting change, says Tracy Bingham.

  • Online sales tax not priority for London

    15 March 2024

    London Councils has decided it will not prioritise an online sales tax (OST) as part of its lobbying effort.

  • Oflog independence row stems from broken relationships

    20 February 2024

    The concerns over Oflog’s independence illustrate councils’ low level of faith in Government, which stems from Government’s evident low level of faith in local authorities, says Paul Marinko.

  • MPs question Oflog independence

    20 February 2024

    MPs have questioned whether the Office for Local Government’s (Oflog) work can be ‘truly independent’ as it prepares to begin council visits this summer.

  • Sunak doesn't accept the council tax system is broken

    16 February 2024

    Without the additional £17m a year Somerset Council could have generated through council tax the future looks very bleak indeed, says leader Bill Revans.

  • A call for prioritising local economic growth

    14 February 2024

    In the case of councils in financial distress income-generation through a commitment to economic development must be explored, says Nigel Wilcock.

  • Reform council tax to level up

    13 February 2024

    Henri Murison says the archaic council tax system has to change – and work should begin immediately on a revaluation of all properties in England before the General Election.

  • Audit 'backstops' could become permanent

    06 February 2024

    ‘Backstop’ dates designed to reset the local audit system could become a ‘permanent feature,’ the Government has admitted.

  • Local Government – no fat anymore

    06 February 2024

    Only the 'bare bones' are left within local authorities and the property sector is already feeling the effects of underfunding such as reduced resources for planning, says Ian Fletcher.

  • MPs demand fundamental reform of council funding

    31 January 2024

    The Government has been urged by a cross-party committee of MPs to address the ‘out-of-control financial crisis’ gripping councils.

  • MPs ‘disturbed’ by state of local audit

    30 January 2024

    MPs have been left ‘disturbed’ by the state of the local government audit system, top officials have been told.

  • Oflog chair recruitment to begin

    18 January 2024

    Recruitment of a permanent chair for the Office for Local Government (Oflog) will begin later this month.

  • MPs criticise ‘glacial’ progress of levelling up projects

    16 January 2024

    Mandarins from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) faced the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

  • Care bosses ‘blindsided’ by foreign dependents ban

    20 December 2023

    Social care bosses were ‘blindsided’ by ministers’ ban on international staff bringing dependents to the UK and fear an exodus from the sector, an expert has warned.

  • Minister denies 'passive' approach to voter registration

    14 December 2023

    Local government minister Simon Hoare has denied the Government is taking a ‘passive role’ in voter registration.

  • The more things change

    11 December 2023

    Funding and asylum policy are just two of the themes that have bookended an eventful year in local government. Martin Ford and Ann McGauran look at some of the big developments and talking points from the year as the sector braces for 2024.

  • Gove in 'crying wolf' claim

    06 December 2023

    Local government secretary Michael Gove has claimed some people in the sector have ‘been crying wolf’ on finances.