• Hopes of devolution framework revival

    10 September 2019

    Sector sources remain hopeful that the long-promised devolution framework could still be revived after a private informal meeting with Government officials about the next steps.

  • Devolution of immigration proposed to support healthcare

    06 September 2019

    The devolution of immigration quotas to local government is among the proposals by a think-tank aimed at bolstering place-based health.

  • The chips are down

    14 August 2019

    Diary’s ears always prick up at the merest hint of local government think-tank banter.

  • Calls for new PM to make council funding 'immediate domestic priority'

    23 July 2019

    Calls have been made for the next Prime Minister to make council funding his 'immediate domestic priority' after Boris Johnson won the Conservative Party leadership contest.

  • Central-local relations at 'all-time low' - study

    15 May 2019

    The relationship between Whitehall and councils has broken down, with local leaders feeling ‘disrespected and marginalised,’ according to a think-tank behind a major new report published today.

  • Redressing the balance

    15 May 2019

    Localis’s report Hitting reset – a case for local leadership puts the argument for a complete transfer of powers from Whitehall to the local state. Ann McGauran reports

  • Unfreezing social mobility

    08 May 2019

    Social mobility has been stagnating for years, says a new report. How can councils help drive social mobility upwards and reduce levels of income inequality – and what’s holding them back? Ann McGauran reports

  • Fresh push on apprenticeship levy reforms

    30 April 2019

    A broad coalition to push for more flexibility in the apprenticeship levy could be formed to mark the two-year anniversary of the reforms, The MJ understands.

  • Spending Review launch dependent on securing Brexit deal

    13 March 2019

    Chancellor Philip Hammond has announced he plans to launch a full three-year Spending Review before the summer recess if a Brexit deal is agreed.

  • Scrutiny chief in failure warning

    10 December 2018

    Failure in local government is likely to become more prevalent in the years ahead due to looming pressures, the chief executive of the Centre for Public Scrutiny (CfPS) has warned.

  • Devolution framework to kick-start 'neo-localist' agenda

    23 November 2018

    The Government’s new devolution framework next month will ‘begin a new conversation about our emerging neo-localist agenda,’ communities secretary James Brokenshire has said.

  • Labour hits out at housing cash shift

    12 November 2018

    Labour has called for all areas to receive greater Government backing after Whitehall shifted the focus of its housing cash.

  • Budget 2018: Lifting of cap could lead to £15bn extra debt

    30 October 2018

    The abolition of the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) borrowing cap in this week’s Budget could enable councils to take on up to £15bn in extra debt, according to property adviser Savills.

  • Reform outsourcing to avoid £30bn bill, think-tank warns

    30 October 2018

    Bringing outsourced services in-house would cost local government billions, a think-tank has calculated.

  • Researchers to look at '200-mile long Whitehall screwdriver'

    25 October 2018

    Experts have laid out their plans to examine whether the Government’s 20-year-old intervention regime remains fit-for-purpose.

  • One conference with two messages

    03 October 2018

    Two events run simultaneously at the Conservative Party conference, says Michael Burton. At the main hall plenaries 'all is rosy' , while the 'real world' makes an appearance at the 300 or so fringe sessions.

  • Making a killing

    26 September 2018

    They’re a tough bunch at the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR).

  • Localis calls for 'big bang' devolution approach

    06 August 2018

    Think-tank Localis has called for a ‘big bang approach’ to recast the relationship between Whitehall and councils.

  • Power to Change your view

    09 July 2018

    Some say we grow to become the things we disliked as youngsters.

  • Werran named as Localis boss

    03 July 2018

    Think-tank Localis has named Jonathan Werran as its new chief executive, replacing Liam Booth-Smith who left for a post as special adviser to local government secretary James Brokenshire.