• The first big test for Boris from the Northern Powerhouse

    22 January 2020

    The real test for the new Government is how much more power it is prepared to devolve to the Midlands and the North, reducing Whitehall interference and ministerial short-termism, argues Michael Burton.

  • How to make a citizens’ assembly work for you

    21 January 2020

    Want to commission a citizens’ assembly? Here, three councils say ‘go for it’. But there’s a lot to think about – and above all, you need the right issue say Sarah Owens, Isobel Wade and James Moody.

  • Medway caves after Ombudsman rap

    16 January 2020

    Medway Council has finally accepted the recommendations in a Local Government Ombudsman public interest report after a two-year stand-off.

  • OECD will say our over-centralised system holds places back

    14 January 2020

    Core Cities has commissioned the OECD to put together a new and radical report into putting in place the right policies to enable places to fulfil their potential, says Cllr Judith Blake.

  • It’s party time

    03 December 2019

    With just a week to polling day, the race to form the next Government is nearly over. Here Paul Marinko tries to help the sector navigate the web of policy commitments for local government on offer after 12 December.

  • Cambridge takes lead on citizens' assemblies

    20 November 2019

    The work of a citizens’ assembly in Cambridge is to become a showcase for other councils looking at adopting the concept.

  • Nearly 100 flood warnings in place for South Yorkshire

    08 November 2019

    A major incident has been declared in Sheffield today, with nearly 100 flood alerts and warnings in place across South Yorkshire.

  • Outdated taxi laws putting public at risk, councils warn

    01 November 2019

    Whitehall has been urged to reform 'outdated and flawed' taxi laws by the Local Government Association (LGA) after the number of licensed drivers and vehicles hit a record high.

  • The positive domino effects of emissions-based parking schemes

    25 October 2019

    Peter O’Driscoll argues that emissions-based parking delivers cleaner and healthier cities.

  • Cancelling HS2 would halt UK transformation

    16 October 2019

    A report by northern political and business leaders into the HS2 high-speed rail project has said cancelling it would risk scuppering transformation the UK ‘badly needs’.

  • If politics is local, then so is climate change

    15 October 2019

    Progress in reducing emissions from heating and transport continues to lag well behind the UK's renewable power sources success story, says Michael Burton - but this is where individual behaviour and local government can make a difference.

  • Queen's speech: national infrastructure strategy set for revamp

    14 October 2019

    The Queen's Speech has pledged a revamped national infrastructure strategy designed to help support growth across the UK, as well as an aviation bill and proposals for rail reform.

  • Ombudsman censures Bexley over response to complaint

    10 October 2019

    Bexley LBC has come under heavy criticism from the Local Government Ombudsman after failing to make agreed improvements to school transport applications for disabled children.

  • PM Johnson makes devolution pledge

    09 October 2019

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised more devolved powers to councils outside the big cities to boost inward investment.

  • Pledging to make air pollution a national priority

    09 October 2019

    Ahead of next month's London Councils Summit, Cllr Julian Bell explains how the capital's local government is leading the way by raising awareness of air pollution, and tackling it with innovative projects.

  • White Van Man on... buses

    01 October 2019

    Buses. What’s all that about? I mean, I get spending squillions on superfast broadband so we can download our pirate movies in double quick time and order pizza for 10, but I don’t get the buses bit.

  • Tyne mayor calls for DfT shift to Newcastle

    24 September 2019

    The North of Tyne’s mayor has called for the Department of Transport to be moved to Newcastle to prevent the region being neglected any longer.

  • Legal action threatens council income

    16 September 2019

    North Yorkshire CC could lose annual income of £300,000 from home-to-school transport amid a legal threat from a disability rights campaigner.

  • Deliver HS2 'in full'

    04 September 2019

    Cllr Judith Blake says HS2 must be delivered in full 'and that it is key to rebalancing our nation, relieving the pressure on our Victorian-era rail network and creating economic growth in our cities'.

  • Birmingham seeks £85m interim highways contractor

    22 August 2019

    Birmingham City Council’s highways PFI vehicle has launched a search for a subcontractor to operate and maintain the city’s roads for a 15-month period in a deal worth up to £85m.