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Unpicking what 'hard choices' means

By Caroline Green | 10 July 2024

Hard choices need to be not only about things we cannot afford in the short-term, but the things ...

District View

By Caroline Green | 29 May 2024

The speculation is over. Campaigning on steroids has begun for real and our election teams have s...

Steering a way through the AI challenge

By Caroline Green | 22 April 2024

AI offers so much for adult social care practice, but for all the potential, there are plenty of ...

Transforming social housing: The task ahead for council teams

By Caroline Green | 15 April 2024

Now that the new social housing regulatory regime is in place, housing teams are embracing the ch...

A new model for housing delivery

By Caroline Green | 23 January 2019

There’s a new emphasis on the public sector leading delivery to meet housing demand – but how can...