Combined Authority

  • London loan concept could be expanded

    11 June 2024

    A £190m loan to support the decarbonisation of buildings, energy and transport systems across London’s public sector could provide a model for UK local authorities, it has been suggested.

  • What next?

    11 June 2024

    Overall there is plenty of sense in what Labour has promised – as ever the challenge will be execution, writes Ben Page.

  • Pitch perfect for the future

    11 June 2024

    The time is ripe for local leaders to prepare pitches for projects that can make a difference in their areas, writes Greg Clark.

  • Devolution needs to deliver for learners

    04 June 2024

    Graeme Atherton says further devolution of funding for skills provision has to be a core goal, but effective co-ordination of the multiple organisations involved in delivery is also vital.

  • Stop! And do not pass ‘Go’

    04 June 2024

    John McDonough sets out the change a new government must deliver to move people into sustainable employment, and says it’s time for local and combined authorities to step up.

  • EXCLUSIVE: Treasury civil servants considering how income tax devolution could work

    21 May 2024

    Treasury officials are considering how the idea of devolving powers to local government to retain a share of income tax revenue could work, The MJ understands.

  • Give us space

    21 May 2024

    If there is to be a new Total Place, or interest in using combined authorities as mechanisms of collective problem-solving, it will take more than new resources to nurture the creative, brave public service reform mindset, says head of policy and programmes at the Future Governance Forum and associate director for public sector and politics at the Leadership Centre, Claire Spencer.

  • MJ Regen: The sum of all parts

    14 May 2024

    Combined authorities have the tools to drive regeneration but the private sector must work in partnership to deliver, says Phil Mayall.

  • A proactive approach to climate change

    14 May 2024

    Andrew Spencer discusses how Equans is creating sustainable communities through effective place-based decarbonisation.

  • MJ Regen: How to grow when the cash runs out

    14 May 2024

    With the current state of council finances, we need to look again at the role of local authorities in economic development, focusing on convening and collaborating rather than delivering growth, says Dr Simon Kaye.

  • National Insurance devolution call

    10 May 2024

    A ‘small share’ of around 5% of locally-generated National Insurance (NI) revenue should be devolved as part of tax-sharing pilots with leading combined authorities, the Institute for Government (IfG) think-tank has argued in a report.

  • Sweet oblivion

    07 May 2024

    The election results should give greater purchase for pushing through Rachel Reeves' take on industrial strategy and addressing the continued national productivity failure, says Jonathan Werran.

  • Reclaiming our regions

    01 May 2024

    Twelve months into a five-year project examining how to build more inclusive regional economies, Tom Lloyd Goodwin highlights four emerging priority areas for the next UK Government to address.

  • What next for unitarisation?

    30 April 2024

    Ahead of the Mayoral elections, Steve Leach and Colin Copus ask if the proliferation of combined authorities has snookered the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities’ unitary authorities policy.

  • West of England Combined Authority announces chief

    22 April 2024

    The West of England Combined Authority has appointed Stephen Peacock as its chief executive.

  • Future Forum: Poor energy planning 'causing barriers to green growth'

    21 March 2024

    A lack of co-ordination in how the energy system is planned is causing barriers ‘not only to decarbonisation and retrofit, but to green economic growth’, The MJ Future Forum has heard.

  • Tees Valley councils to learn extent of financial risk from Teeswork scheme

    06 March 2024

    The financial risk faced by the five councils within the Tees Valley Combined Authority is set to be laid bare in top legal advice.

  • We don’t need a Lyons’ 2.0

    06 March 2024

    With the seminal 2007 Lyons Review in focus, Ben Franklin and Annabel Smith look at why place-shaping has captured the zeitgeist and argue local government does not need another review, and should instead 'get on and do it'.

  • The new mayors will need the support of Westminster to be successful

    06 March 2024

    'We need to give more attention to the powers and resources mayors have, and those they need – notably more control over fiscal matters – to do the job the country needs them to do', says Andrew Carter.

  • Combined authority criticised for ‘inconsistent’ Best Value approach

    05 March 2024

    The Government has criticised the West of England Combined Authority for what it describes as ‘inconsistent action’ over flagged value for money concerns.