• Creating a ‘great outdoors’ for our urban centres

    17 August 2021

    Accelerating much-needed renewal of high streets will depend on giving councils the freedom to develop and manage their own strategic place plans, writes Cllr Philip Broadhead.

  • White van man on... the mission statement

    04 August 2021

    I've got a mission statment on the side of my van which says 'delivering product solutions' and when anyone asks me what it means I jut say 'search me' but every business needs one.

  • Lancashire rules out city of culture bid

    19 July 2021

    The council has resisted pressure to back the county’s bid to become the next city of culture in 2025.

  • Why Beeston’s blockbuster could spark many sequels

    08 June 2021

    A state-of-the-art cinema is at the heart of the Beeston Square development in Broxtowe. Ruth Hyde says reinventing the retail past is not an option, and a ‘willingness to take sizeable risks’ was crucial.

  • LGA claims Whitehall ‘hampering’ Parkrun return

    02 June 2021

    The Local Government Association has said a ‘lack of communication’ from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport is hindering the return of events such as Parkrun.

  • We’re opening up to everyone

    02 June 2021

    Fellowship Square in London’s Waltham Forest will bring life to the area, business to the shops and cohesion to the community, writes Martin Esom.

  • Auditors probe 'negative culture' at Nottingham

    28 May 2021

    An investigation has uncovered a ‘lack of compliance with rules’ at Nottingham City Council.

  • Our organisational culture needs to match staffs' expectations

    08 April 2021

    People have reflected on what they want from work, how and where they want to work and how this fits into their lives, says chief executive of Stroud DC Kathy O'Leary.

  • Creating an imagining culture

    30 March 2021

    Building ‘a more open, transparent, free-thinking culture where imagination thrives within our teams’ is crucial, and is especially important during the pandemic, argues Professor Donna Hall CBE.

  • Shifting the story in Sheffield

    02 March 2021

    Sheffield City Council’s new chief executive Kate Josephs talks to Heather Jameson about her new role guiding ‘an incredible city’ through the big challenges ahead – and making it more ‘confident, and outward looking and optimistic’.

  • Tackling mistrust about vaccines

    02 February 2021

    Dr Justin Varney looks at how Birmingham is working to tackle the ‘layers upon layers of mistrust’ among ethnic minority communities that is ‘now playing out in vaccine hesitancy’.

  • ‘This was liberation’

    01 February 2021

    Daisy Carter of the Innovation Unit outlines how COVID disruption inspired new ways of working in Greater Manchester.

  • Learning from innovation in a crisis: Greater Manchester

    14 January 2021

    The disruption of COVID has given Greater Manchester the chance to ‘design back differently,’ say David Jackson and Julie Temperley of the Innovation Unit.

  • Leading the charge to a brighter 2021

    16 December 2020

    With a year of challenge, opportunity and growth for HR and OD incoming, Fiyin Fayeye looks at the results of Penna’s HR survey of 2020 and says that a new style of leadership is emerging.

  • We desperately need to bring back culture to our cities

    15 December 2020

    Culture is a key ingredient in the overall mix that attracts people to our city centres, says Cllr Judith Blake. We need to nurture a post-COVID generation of performers, technicians and administrators, she adds.

  • Strength lies in differences

    09 December 2020

    Ben Parsonage says many employers need to change their dated mindset requiring candidates to ‘fit in’ with their existing culture, and instead start visualising what qualities they can ‘add to’ your organisation.

  • Todays challenge – tomorrow’s world

    02 December 2020

    Much has changed and so must leadership – we need to lead beyond ‘authority’, explain Manny Sandhu and Louise Teboul.

  • Solving town centres’ Rubik’s cube conundrum

    24 November 2020

    Ensuring town centres are both vital and viable is not easy, writes Professor Cathy Parker. She says redefining them requires the strengthening of collective capacity through restructuring, repositioning, rebranding and reinventing.

  • Our council's culture is thriving remotely

    28 October 2020

    With her councils' staff working from home, Gill Kneller says she has 'seen a burst of creativity with staff finding solutions to challenges and embracing completely different ways of doing things - along with different ways of connecting'.

  • LGA board chair hits out at culture secretary

    20 October 2020

    The chair of the Local Government Association’s (LGA) culture, tourism and sport board has claimed culture secretary Oliver Dowden ‘won’t engage with us at all’.