• Council chief claims auditor 'not balanced or fair'

    08 September 2020

    The boss of a council where an auditor raised concerns about culture and governance failures that ‘stem from the very top’ has rejected the claims.

  • EXCLUSIVE: Internal auditor blows whistle over culture and governance failures

    01 September 2020

    A senior auditor has called for action after raising concerns about culture and governance failures that ‘stem from the very top’ of Thanet DC.

  • Council changes after 'culture of fear' found

    20 August 2020

    Southampton City Council has made ‘significant changes’ to its children’s services senior leadership team after a ‘culture of fear’ was allowed to grow.

  • Hackney’s Windrush legacy

    28 July 2020

    Hackney will now have two pieces of public artwork that will act as a permanent reminder to everyone who walks past about how the Windrush generation has enriched Britain, says Cllr Carole Williams.

  • Light at the end of the uncertainty

    28 July 2020

    Alison McKenzie-Folan describes how Wigan and Greater Manchester are sustaining arts and culture through a crisis, and says it’s imperative Government funding supplements this local and regional support.

  • Liverpool has come out fighting on culture

    28 July 2020

    Liverpool has created cultural initiatives that spark the imagination ‘and bring us slowly and carefully out of an international disaster -  blinking into the light but ready to reboot’, says Claire McColgan.

  • South Ribble chief executive resigns

    17 June 2020

    South Ribble BC’s chief executive has resigned after a year on ‘special leave’.

  • Breathing new life into the City

    02 June 2020

    As the nation begins to emerge from lockdown, leader of Westminster City Council Cllr Rachael Robathan describes some key elements of a rolling renewal programme for the heart of the capital.

  • LGA 'disappointment' over exclusion from taskforce

    21 May 2020

    The Government’s newly-created cultural renewal taskforce fails to include councils or the Local Government Association (LGA).

  • Leisure providers at 'crisis point' - LGA

    05 May 2020

    Leisure providers are at a ‘crisis point’ as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, English and Welsh councils have warned.

  • Accessing the arts in Islington

    25 March 2020

    The 11 by 11 partnership provides outstanding cultural experiences to all children and young people in Islington’s schools – and Cllr Kaya Comer-Schwartz says opportunities like these ‘shouldn’t be based on chance or good fortune’.

  • Balancing budgets and Beatles

    13 March 2020

    It has been a tumultuous few years for Liverpool City Council. Chief executive Tony Reeves and the new management team are focused on inclusive growth in a city that is rich with culture. Heather Jameson reports.

  • Smashing the communication silence

    19 February 2020

    Rebecca Davis examines the need for communication, dialogue and trust within organisations and how pioneering programmes are developing strategies to smash the culture of silence that impedes progress

  • Councils appeal for reorganisation to cross county lines

    27 January 2020

    Lancaster City Council, South Lakeland DC and Barrow BC have cautioned against sticking to ‘arbitrary’ county borders in local government reorganisation.

  • A landmark year for Waltham Forest

    14 January 2020

    In 2019 Waltham Forest LBC became the first Mayor of London Borough of Culture - and won The MJ’s Local Authority of the Year category in the annual awards. Cllr Clare Coghill and Martin Esom talk to Michael Burton about the council's achievement.

  • Making the most of our cultural assets

    27 November 2019

    The three councils of Lancaster City, Barrow and South Lakeland are coming together to pilot a new model that 'aims to capture and maximise our individual and collective cultural assets', says Lawrence Conway.

  • 'No evidence' of sexist culture despite chief's claims

    14 November 2019

    No evidence of a culture of sexism has been found at Stratford-on-Avon DC following claims by an outgoing chief.

  • District councils play a major role in health and well-being.

    13 November 2019

    If we can keep our most vulnerable residents safe, well and happy in their own homes, this will prevent future health crises that could cost the public purse far more, says Paul Shevlin.

  • Leeds secures agreements for TV and film studios

    31 October 2019

    Leeds City Council has intervened to help get new TV and film studios up and running.

  • Robin Notts of some fun

    15 October 2019

    Sad news for Nottingham – Robin Hood won’t be riding through the glen this weekend as the city has had to cancel the annual historic pageant due to severe weather warnings.