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Looking to the future

By Adele Gritten | 26 June 2024

Whichever party succeeds will need more, not less; the public sector will need support from organ...

A call for transparency and accountability

By Adele Gritten | 22 April 2024

Local government must confront pressing 'elephant in the room' issues head-on if it is to foster ...

Launch of the CEO Commercial Blueprint

By Adele Gritten | 20 November 2023

Adele Gritten of Local Partnerships says her organisation's CEO blueprint is intended to take cou...

Bouncing back from rock bottom. Local government reimagined

By Adele Gritten – Chief executive, Local Partnerships, @LP_AdeleG | 18 October 2023

Much has been written about Birmingham's downfall but what is much less written about is what to ...

CEOs – The buck stops with you

By Adele Gritten | 04 September 2023

Chief executive of Local Partnerships Adele Gritten says her organisation is producing a CEO blue...

Partnership innovation to tackle climate change

By Adele Gritten, Chief executive, Local Partnerships | 27 June 2023

Local Partnerships will be on the climate change panel in the Innovation Zone at the LGA Conferen...

The importance of process in local authority decision making

By Adele Gritten | 16 May 2023

Local Partnerships is currently working with the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communi...