Looking to the future

Whichever party succeeds will need more, not less; the public sector will need support from organisations such as Local Partnerships to actualise those manifesto pledges, says Adele Gritten.

Looking to  the future

Local Partnerships LLP, a joint venture between HM Treasury, the Local Government Association, and the Welsh Government, plays a crucial role in supporting both local and central government.

Acting as a bridge between local and central government, offering expert advice, practical resources, and hands-on support to enhance public services and drive positive outcomes for citizens, we are well placed to support a new administration from 5 July.

All parties' manifestos focus to some degree on change, renewal, ramping up the pace of action and democratising power to allow local bodies to take more charge of decision making.

Through our free toolkits, shared learning and best-practice we will continue to support the sector.

Longer-term foci, such as 10-year infrastructure plans and longer-term finance settlements are prevalent in the strategic thinking. Big picture ideas such as Great British Energy offer the electorate a chance to consider the sort of clean and green future they want for our country. Then there's transformation of social and affordable housing, ongoing building safety post Grenfell and a wider rethink of how to use public buildings.

Whichever party succeeds in a few weeks will need more, not less; the public sector will need support from organisations such as ours to actualise those manifesto pledges.

We will continue to deliver projects and programmes and facilitate changes at the local level. We will provide practical advice and resources to optimise service delivery within financial constraints.

Through our free toolkits, shared learning and best-practice we will continue to support the sector. From further development of our contract management pioneer programme through to business process mapping support, helping councils assess their commissioning lifecycle, we will continue to identify areas for improvement, and help the sector prepare for ongoing renewal and transformation.

We remain passionate about supporting sustainable development and resilience in local communities. Our support for key services related to climate, energy efficiency, waste management, housing, regeneration, air quality, infrastructure, digital transformation, and health and social care will continue.

We also look forward to continuing to address housing and homelessness challenges, our free temporary accommodation model, supporting councils with an order of magnitude assessment of current and future demand supporting budget management being just one example.

For help in your journey, whatever the challenges you face, please email me at or visit our website to access the support we provide.

Adele Gritten is chief executive of Local Partnerships   


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