Local economies

  • How to build a healthy economy

    08 April 2024

    Social care, often seen as a millstone for councils facing financial challenges, has been turned into an opportunity by Stockton-on-Tees BC to create inclusive growth and tackle health inequalities all at once, writes Heather Jameson.

  • Labour’s local vision for growth

    08 April 2024

    Adam Fineberg says Labour’s new localist Industrial Strategy is a manifesto aimed at reaping the benefits of more widely distributed growth across the country.

  • Powering up the North

    02 April 2024

    Richard Stubbs and Michael Wood say the opportunity to strengthen both the health and economy of northern England is immense – and that is why deeper devolution is needed.

  • Left and behind: women at work

    02 April 2024

    Building gender equality and diversity into plans for economic growth has benefits for everyone, writes Sarah Longlands.

  • Ready for a bright new dawn?

    26 March 2024

    Rachel Reeves’ Mais lecture represented a clear shift away from New Labour towards an active state, a muscular industrial strategy and ambitious regional policy, say Mike Emmerich and Ben Lucas.

  • Future Forum: Poor energy planning 'causing barriers to green growth'

    21 March 2024

    A lack of co-ordination in how the energy system is planned is causing barriers ‘not only to decarbonisation and retrofit, but to green economic growth’, The MJ Future Forum has heard.

  • Can the Liverpool city region seize its golden moment?

    20 March 2024

    A Manifesto for Liverpool City Region addresses the economic, social, environmental and political challenges facing the next UK Government, say Dr Tom Arnold and Dr James Hickson.

  • Desperately seeking a long-term diagnosis

    11 March 2024

    A successful economy needs to be built around world-class infrastructure  - and skilled, healthy people and public services are essential to the delivery of both, says Iain Murray.

  • We need fairer funding of local government, and we need it now

    07 March 2024

    Cllr John Merry says that while the chancellor stressed the need for more efficiency in this week's Budget, he would highlight the importance of fixing what is, in Key Cities’ view, councils' broken funding model’.

  • Offices for good?

    06 March 2024

    With office occupancy averaging around 30%, Martin Forbes of Local Partnerships reports on a campaign with ACES to explore the implications for the local government office workplace and to consider wider concerns.

  • The new mayors will need the support of Westminster to be successful

    06 March 2024

    'We need to give more attention to the powers and resources mayors have, and those they need – notably more control over fiscal matters – to do the job the country needs them to do', says Andrew Carter.

  • Connecting up the best in the West

    27 February 2024

    Rebecca Davies highlights the launch of a new campaign in the West Midlands to connect passionate people with careers in local government that bring real value to communities

  • The threat from bank and building society closures

    27 February 2024

    More than half of all bank and building society branches have closed since 2015 – nearly 6,000 in total. This has significant implications both for financial inclusion and our high streets.

  • Local government needs a 10 year plan for renewal

    19 February 2024

    Jessica Studdert says: 'Whether or not future growth enables overall spending to rise, Treasury calculations should recognise the value of the local safety net as foundational for all other services to function effectively and less reactively.'

  • A call for prioritising local economic growth

    14 February 2024

    In the case of councils in financial distress income-generation through a commitment to economic development must be explored, says Nigel Wilcock.

  • The power of two

    13 February 2024

    As Devon and Torbay sign up for a groundbreaking devolution deal, Cllr John Hart explains what it will mean for local people, and how it changes the relationship with central government.

  • Putting assets in to active new uses

    02 February 2024

    Martin Guest and Alistair Chapman look at whether real estate can effectively address local authorities' funding gap.

  • All parts of the country have been levelled down

    22 January 2024

    For the next Government there will be serious choices and decisions to make in order to deliver the economic growth all parts of the country need, says Andrew Carter.

  • Preventing construction industry suicides

    22 January 2024

    The public sector is failing in its role in tackling mental health in the construction industry, particularly around suicide among young men, says Stephen Young.

  • Levelling up must continue, urges think-tank

    22 January 2024

    Efforts to level up the country and devolve more powers to local government should continue following the General Election, a think-tank has urged.