Pandemic made councils 'more responsive' to charities, survey finds

By Laura Sharman | 22 April 2021

The pandemic has helped improve the relationships and collaboration between local authorities and charities, according to new research.

More than half of charities surveyed said local authorities had become ‘more responsive’ to their needs during coronavirus.

A quarter said their relationship with local authorities had improved during the pandemic, with 36% saying they had increased their engagement with local authorities in the past year.

However, the research also found smaller organisations were more likely to report a deterioration in their relationship with the local government sector.

Head of networks and influencing at National Council for Voluntary Organisations, Alex Farrow, said: ‘While more than half of the organisations we surveyed saw an improvement in their relationship with local government, with the pandemic making local authorities more responsive it’s clear that this is not universal and that lots of smaller charities have not seen an improvement.

‘We’re concerned about the level of funding local authorities will have to sustain engagement and rebuild communities in the months and years ahead.’

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