Universal Credit

  • Cost of living crisis risks leaving levelling up ‘dead on arrival’

    07 April 2022

    The Government’s levelling up agenda could be undermined by a deepening North-South divide exacerbated by the cost of living crisis, a think tank has warned.

  • Call to end 'excessively punitive sanctions' on benefits

    05 April 2022

    A think-tank has warned that sanctions on benefit claimants are almost back to pre-pandemic levels – despite the cost of living crisis.

  • How ‘levelling up’ got left out of the Spring Statement

    29 March 2022

    The chancellor mentioned the ‘levelling up’ agenda just once in his Spring Statement. Without serious financial backing, the missions in the White Paper are at risk of remaining unfulfilled, says chair of SIGOMA Cllr Sir Stephen Houghton.

  • Spring statement: Sunak to tackle cost of living pressures

    23 March 2022

    Chancellor Rishi Sunak is expected to tackle increasing pressure on household budgets when he makes his Spring Statement today.

  • Homelessness levels could rise by a third by 2024, research warns

    22 February 2022

    The number of homeless people in England could increase by a third by 2024, new research has warned today.

  • Universal Credit would be better delivery vehicle for energy bills support

    17 February 2022

    Universal Credit has the data on those likely to need support with energy bills and would be a more effective way to target the £150 council tax rebate, says Deven Ghelani.

  • Protecting London’s women and girls

    06 December 2021

    Cllr Jas Athwal says that as we mark the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, London’s boroughs are committed to doing everything they can to address the many causes of violence against women and girls.

  • Call for investment in homelessness data

    08 November 2021

    The head of Whitehall’s ‘what works’ centre on homelessness has called for better data infrastructure to help achieve the end of rough sleeping by 2024.

  • IFS reveals scope of Universal Credit

    08 November 2021

    Budget changes to Universal Credit mean families with well above-average earnings and even paying 40% rates of tax could be entitled to the benefit, according to an Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) report.

  • A bounce back Budget

    02 November 2021

    We got spending – and lots of it – in the Budget, yet its contents reflected conflict within the Cabinet on whether to push ahead with a Milton Friedman-style smaller government. Sir Bob Neill explains.

  • Councils hit by fund's admin burden

    25 October 2021

    Frustrated councils are bracing themselves for an administration headache as they work out how to dole out the Government’s £500m household support fund.

  • Wages and good and bad government

    20 October 2021

    Many communities in the UK would benefit from higher wages, says Mike Emmerich, but does the Prime Minister have a strategy for delivering them?

  • District hopes of controlling £500m fund dashed

    11 October 2021

    District hopes to be put in control of handing out the new £500m household support fund have been dashed after a ‘bizarre’ government decision.

  • Michael Gove sets out his stall for levelling up

    06 October 2021

    Michael Burton says the vision levelling up secretary Michael Gove touched on for the policy at the Conservative Party Conference implies the need for more resources if necessary - 'which may not please the chancellor'.

  • Councils need funding certainty

    05 October 2021

    London’s local services face pressures of up to £2bn over the Spending Review period, says Cllr Darren Rodwell. The chancellor must empower councils to tackle the most momentous challenges we face today, he argues.

  • Putting it right

    05 October 2021

    What does the future hold for children’s social care and what are the priorities for reform? Ann McGauran reports from a Westminster Education Forum conference.

  • Domestic violence and its betrayal

    29 September 2021

    The Domestic Abuse Act could and should have gone further ‘particularly and most notably around funding, state support and restitution’ argues Stephen Young.

  • Families under pressure

    27 September 2021

    As energy and food costs soar and pandemic financial support comes to an end, Chris Mahony asks what impact the pressures on low income families will have on stretched local authorities.

  • Kerslake: Government must act now on rough sleeping

    23 September 2021

    Strides made to end homelessness during the pandemic could be lost if the Government does not act now, a major new report on rough sleeping has concluded.

  • HMJ: Analysis warns UC cut will widen health inequalities

    14 September 2021

    The planned cut to the Universal Credit uplift will hit areas with the worst health the hardest, analysis by a charity has warned.