• Our aim is to ensure no-one sleeps rough in Oxford

    10 October 2019

    On World Homelessness Day, Linda Smith explains Oxford City Council's partnership approach to ensuring no one should have to sleep rough on the streets of the city.

  • Place-shaping with a Flourish!

    09 October 2019

    Gavin Sneddon reviews Nesta’s board game that lets management teams reinvigorate their visionary capabilities.

  • Who are you talking to?

    07 October 2019

    Who you regularly sit down with and who you talk to one-to-one makes a difference and who gets to talk to who varies from one authority to another, says Blair Mcpherson.

  • Ikea-owned firm strikes deal with council to build ‘flat-pack’ housing

    03 October 2019

    Bristol City Council has reached an agreement with a Scandinavian firm that will see 200 ‘flat-pack’ homes built in the city.

  • The new outsourcing landscape

    24 September 2019

    With the impact of austerity and the collapse of high-profile firms like Carillion, outsourcing is under pressure. Council chief executives gathered at a Serco/The MJ round table to look at the future of contracting out. Heather Jameson reports

  • The MJ Data and Digital: Getting digital right

    20 September 2019

    Working on digital partnerships is fraught with pitfalls. Kirsty Cole and Melvyn Ingleson offer top tips for making sure you get the best out of your digital transformation deals.

  • The answer to the leadership question

    17 September 2019

    Blair Mcpherson looks at how leaders have to come to terms with the apparent contradictions inherent in demonstrating leadership behaviour.

  • It all starts in the community

    10 September 2019

    Pawda Tjoa of the New Local Government Network (NLGN) says a new community-led model is needed to shift the focus of children's services to prevention.

  • Councils owe it to citizens to investigate the possibilities of public cloud

    29 August 2019

    Public cloud can help councils provide better, smarter and more efficient public services and is critical in helping managing costs, says Ian Sherring.

  • Doubts over future of Kent councils' housing company

    18 July 2019

    The fate of a housing company established by four councils in Kent hangs in the balance after a catalogue of failings was uncovered.

  • Public sector drives growth at Galliford Try

    18 July 2019

    Developments with local authorities have delivered a boost to construction firm Galliford Try.

  • Collaborative leadership for thriving places

    17 July 2019

    PlaceMakers is a programme that brings local leaders from all sectors together to develop a collective understanding of their place. Anna Randle and Alex Khaldi explain why single-sector leadership development programmes are not enough.

  • Accelerating positive change with shared perspectives

    18 June 2019

    Paul Little outlines how the range of new perspectives and experiences he encountered with colleagues throughout England while on the Accelerate course has helped him rise to the challenge of setting up combined health and social care teams.

  • Landing new homes

    18 June 2019

    The Government’s ambitious plans to boost housing supply is being hampered by a lack of land, so Homes England is working with councils and partners to free up spaces to build, says Stephen Kinsella.

  • Accessing key drivers for partnership working

    05 June 2019

    Access to skills, technology and investment were among the key reasons for local authorities to work with the private sector says a recent survey jointly commissioned by The MJ and Serco. Michael Burton reports

  • Making digital partnerships work

    04 June 2019

    Melvyn Ingleson says that while the expertise of technology companies is genuine, there is an opportunity for councils to re-balance relationships, drive a harder bargain and ensure robust engagement from those you hold accountable for outcomes.

  • The importance of team bonds

    08 May 2019

    Tracie Evans ponders the challenge of managing multiple contracted companies working on a single programme. She concludes that KPIs are important to success, but making sure the client makes time for collaborative work is even more crucial.

  • Enfield’s world class development plan

    30 April 2019

    By retaining control of the £6bn Meridian Water project, Enfield LBC will be able to ensure it meets the needs of residents – speeding up delivery of new jobs and homes, writes Sarah Cary

  • Oxfordshire councils to extend joint working arrangements

    16 April 2019

    Two councils are considering extending their working partnership in a move they hope will trigger a ‘broader conversation’ on local government organisation.

  • Avoiding fiscal risks - and 'daddy dragon' moments

    27 March 2019

    Tracie Evans says her 'daddy dragon' of the week is not Brexit but the question of what is the optimum number of contractors needed to deliver a very complex organisational transformation.