• Sector-led improvement for critical Powys

    14 February 2018

    Powys CC needs ‘significant’ support from the Welsh Government and the Welsh Local Government Association to ensure sustainable improvement, a critical report has concluded.

  • £10m for Welsh councils to manage social care pressures

    14 February 2018

    Councils in Wales will be given £10m to manage social care winter pressures, the Welsh Government has confirmed.

  • Welsh Government moves ahead with vacant land tax

    13 February 2018

    The Welsh Government has decided to move forward with proposals for a vacant land tax to encourage regeneration and tackle the housing crisis.

  • 'Lessons learned' after overspends

    23 January 2018

    Staff at Merthyr Tydfil CBC have assured members lessons have been learned after the cost of two major projects spiralled and overspends reached £500,000.

  • Minister outlines Western Powerhouse plan

    22 January 2018

    Welsh secretary Alun Cairns has outlined plans for a Western Powerhouse similar to local government-linked agreements operating in the north of England and Midlands.

  • Government urges councils to share asylum burden

    29 November 2017

    The Government has urged councils to share the burden of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (UASC) despite offering no clarity of funding in return.

  • WLGA leader lines up against ministers

    24 November 2017

    The Labour leader of the Welsh Local Government Association has urged councils to ‘work together’ to avoid forced collaboration.

  • Missing lynx

    15 November 2017

    With one blast of a gun, Ceredigion Council controversially ended the hunt for Lillith the escapee eurasian lynx.

  • Former Welsh local government minister Carl Sargeant found dead

    07 November 2017

    Former Welsh local government minister Carl Sargeant was found dead at his home today, four days after the Labour Party suspended him pending an investigation into allegations about his behaviour.

  • Welsh finance deal confirms cash for key services but core funding reduction

    10 October 2017

    Welsh local authorities will receive £4.2bn to spend on key services in 2018/19 – but councils have warned they are still bearing the brunt of austerity.

  • Welsh council tax support extended to 2019

    09 October 2017

    The Welsh Government has announced it will extend its council tax reduction scheme into 2018/19 after helping 300,000 vulnerable and low income families last year.

  • Council tax increase warning

    05 October 2017

    Local authorities in Wales will be forced to increase council tax by the maximum 5% next year, a senior councillor has warned.

  • Welsh councils bemoan 'catastrophic austerity'

    03 October 2017

    A seeming increase in Wales’ public sector budgets masks the ‘catastrophic impact that eight years of austerity have had on local public services,’ the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) has warned.

  • Welsh councils call for end to cuts

    22 September 2017

    Welsh council leaders have called for an end to the ‘relentless cuts to public services’ after a new report highlighted the scale of shrinking budgets.

  • Welsh councils' performance improves

    13 September 2017

    Nearly two-thirds of council services in Wales have improved over the last year, according to new figures.

  • Why we must protect parental autonomy

    09 August 2017

    Councils and devolved authorities need to beware. The trend towards over-reach on child discipline threatens to create more standoffs between officialdom and parents, as Claire Fox explains.

  • Councils win legal battle with health boards

    03 August 2017

    Health boards in Wales ‘misinterpreted’ the law over who is responsible for paying for nurses to deliver social care in residential homes, a court has ruled.

  • Praying for time

    26 July 2017

    Diary knows better than to join simmering rows about religion.

  • ‘Regional collaboration will strengthen services’

    26 July 2017

    Local authorities must not be sidelined when it comes to funding if plans for greater collaboration goes ahead, the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA)’s leader warned.

  • Wales considers PR for local elections

    18 July 2017

    Councils could be allowed to introduce proportional representation for local elections under new proposals unveiled by the Welsh Government.