• HEALTH MJ: Labour pledges to introduce free personal care in England

    07 October 2019

    Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has announced that a future Labour Government would introduce free personal care for people over 65, in a pledge that would cost around £6bn a year.

  • HEALTH MJ: PFI costs ‘damaging investment in NHS’, says think-ta

    07 October 2019

    Safety hazards, sewage leaks and falling ceilings are major risks at hospitals after decades of under-investment and the legacy of the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) in hospitals, researchers said.

  • HEALTH MJ: IPPR calls for care home funding

    07 October 2019

    A think-tank has called for state provision and the building of more care homes to tackle the continuing crisis in the social care sector.

  • Think-tank calls for more local taxes

    19 September 2019

    There appear to be ‘few’ legislative barriers to bringing in new local taxes as long as the money raised went towards local authority expenditure, think-tank IPPR Scotland has said.

  • Where next for devolution?

    18 September 2019

    The Government needs to turn its devolution vows into action, by showing that its renewed enthusiasm has solid foundations and is more than 'mere pork barrelling', says Arianna Giovannini.

  • Social care feels the squeeze on staffing

    14 August 2019

    The increasing shortage of adult care staff has been highlighted in two reports last week, with the sector having the second highest vacancy rate among public services. Michael Burton reports

  • A more ambitious devo agenda should have local government at its core

    17 July 2019

    Local authorities are the backbone of democracy and should be at the core of the next phase of devolution, writes Arianna Giovannini. These principles should be ingrained in the devolution framework, she believes.

  • Think-tank finds austerity holding back Northern Powerhouse

    21 June 2019

    Increased devolution is needed to ensure the success of the agenda, the IPPR North think-tank has argued.

  • Inequality is back on the next PM's agenda

    05 June 2019

    Michael Burton says reducing inequality has been absent from the Tory leadership campaign but has been rightly highlighted by the think tanks. It should now be top of the next Government's agenda.

  • Regional imbalances match the Euro-election results

    28 May 2019

    Michael Burton says on regional unfairness IPPR North makes a good point - 'the stark ONS figures explain Brexit but there is little sign of Government actually being able to do anything to reduce the imbalances'.

  • Redistribution call after imbalance findings

    28 May 2019

    A think-tank has called for a redistribution of public investment from London to England’s poorer regions after latest figures showed a huge imbalance between levels of tax and public spending.

  • Council tax system needs 'fundamental reform'

    16 May 2019

    The council tax system is ‘highly regressive and unsustainable,’ and needs ‘fundamental reform,’ progressive think-tank IPPR has argued.

  • Report urges levy on Northern Powerhouse firms

    26 April 2019

    The councils that make up the Northern Powerhouse should be allowed to levy additional business rates to rejuvenate their communities, a think-tank has urged.

  • Further delay to devolution drive

    24 April 2019

    The Government’s repeatedly-delayed devolution framework will not be published until after Brexit, minister Jake Berry has admitted.

  • EXCLUSIVE: Councils call for streamlined new burdens for Brexit

    26 February 2019

    Councils have urged the Government to introduce a more streamlined approach to providing new burdens funding for Brexit-related costs, The MJ has learnt.

  • The real task ahead after deal or no-deal is to reconcile the bitter divisions

    30 January 2019

    If we are to overcome the divisive nature of Brexit, we must let people into the decision-making process - and devolution provides an ideal test bed for new democratic innovation, says Sarah Longlands.

  • Female empowerment is in need of a boost

    16 January 2019

    Women are under-represented in local government leadership roles and the West Midlands is behind the rest of the UK. Ann McGauran examines how this imbalance can be rectified

  • IPPR backs radical tax reforms

    09 October 2018

    Replacing council tax with a new property tax could help tackle wealth inequality, a new report has claimed.

  • The North finds its voice

    19 September 2018

    On 6 September I attended the first Convention of the North in Newcastle. This was an historic gathering of political, civic and business leaders from across the North, in the Baltic Galleries on the banks of the Tyne and a fitting venue in which to forge a new spirit of collaboration.

  • Immigration benefits lost due to cuts

    28 August 2018

    Government cuts to councils have meant the economic benefits of migration are being lost, new research has found.