Local democracy

  • Erosion of honesty is a destroyer of democracy

    18 January 2022

    Heather Jameson says Sheffield City Council was repeatedly asked about the chief executive’s attendance at Westminster parties – and the suggestion was flatly denied. It is 'a sign of the times, a gentle eroding of honesty...'

  • A mismatch between motive and facts on voter ID

    17 January 2022

    ‘Partygate’ and rule breaking may be a major distraction from electoral proposals that may disenfranchise many voters, according to Stephen Weigel.

  • It feels like we're going backwards on 'hybrid' council meetings

    11 January 2022

    There appears to be no momentum to urgently provide councillors with the choice to attend meetings remotely or in person, says Quentin Baker. LLG and ADSO have launched a petition in the hope of allowing the House of Commons to express its opinion.

  • Trust matters

    11 January 2022

    Claire Kober says that we 'battle the latest phase of a global pandemic, it matters that we have political messengers who are listened to, believed and respected – and whose words inspire action'.

  • Rebooting council electoral services in Bracknell

    04 January 2022

    Ann Moore outlines why Bracknell Forest Council took the decision to invest in a technological end-to-end electoral management solution.

  • Bristol to hold mayoral referendum next year

    08 December 2021

    Bristol City Council will hold a referendum in May on whether to keep its 10-year-old mayoral model or switch to a committee system.

  • Trust in democracy is under threat - and local government is not immune

    07 December 2021

    Solace will continue to push the Government to respond to the Committee for Standards in Public Life reports, says Graeme McDonald.

  • Powers warning ahead of new deals

    07 December 2021

    A new report today warns areas reluctant to accept directly-elected leaders in the next wave of devolution deals may be offered ‘fewer powers and flexibilities’.

  • Officers implore Government to rethink remote meeting rules

    01 December 2021

    Legal and democratic services officers have implored ministers to change the rules on remote meetings as the Omicron variant of COVID-19 spreads.

  • Halting a rise in hatred

    01 December 2021

    What can be done to deter incidents of abuse and harassment of local politicians, and to sanction those responsible? Ann McGauran reports.

  • A commitment to civil debate

    01 December 2021

    Cllr Arooj Shah has been the target of recent threats and harassment. Leaders from all parties in Oldham have now come together to add their signature to a ‘politics, not personalities’ pledge, she explains.

  • Trust in councils higher than national Government, research finds

    26 November 2021

    The public placed more trust in local authorities than national Government in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the findings of a new survey.

  • Making the right connections

    09 November 2021

    COP26 has raised awareness of the actions climate change requires. Dr Jonathan Carr-West argues that councils are ideally placed to act as a connection between individuals and the state to make transitions accessible to communities.

  • Gove: My most exciting job yet

    21 October 2021

    New communities secretary Michael Gove has argued that the renaming of his department is a ‘sign of confidence in local government’.

  • Let’s not stay silent

    20 October 2021

    Baroness Claire Fox argues that while most of us will never have our lives threatened for our views, Cancel Culture can make cowards of us all.

  • Will steps finally be taken to protect public servants?

    20 October 2021

    As Westminster contemplates the tricky tightrope of balancing safety and democracy, free speech and abuse, the same debates must be held for local government, says Heather Jameson.

  • Elections are a family affair

    12 October 2021

    Andrew Seekings looks at how Cumbria is preparing for the electoral challenges of local government reorganisation as it plans for next year’s elections to the shadow authorities and beyond.

  • It’s now or never for modern democracy

    12 October 2021

    The electoral landscape is now ‘more crowded than ever’, while council resources have been ground down, says Laura Lock – and she warns that professionals do not have limitless capacity.

  • Counties in council tax warning

    07 October 2021

    County leaders have warned council tax bills would have to rise by a fifth over three years to get close to eliminating their deficits.

  • Bringing on the bad news

    30 September 2021

    Councillors have stopped worrying about unpopular decisions and probably to the surprise of many this has not led to a revolt at the polls, says Blair Mcpherson.