Local democracy

  • T’is the season!

    20 February 2024

    The possibility of a UK Parliamentary General Election on 2 May combined with local polls is the plan causing most concern in the electoral sector, says Peter Stanyon.

  • Scottish devolution: Time to re-boot

    09 February 2024

    It’s time for an informed debate in Scotland on the next stage of the devolution journey, says George Thorley.

  • No one forgets financial decisions have real people at the heart of them

    06 February 2024

    Adele Taylor says: 'As officers in local government we know we have to provide politically neutral and professional advice, but we also need to recognise the challenge our politicians face.'

  • Being rude about politicians is a national pastime

    02 February 2024

    Blair Mcpherson says public sector managers need to recognise the many hats with competing priorities that must be worn by local councillors. 

  • England should become a Marmot Nation

    30 January 2024

    ICSs will need to get firmly onto the front foot if they are to deliver their goals, including delivering more seamless health and social care services, say Phil Hope and Steve Barwick.

  • Battling democratic backsliding

    04 December 2023

    Greg Notman and Professor James Downe reflect on the current health of local democracy, and look at the best ways to measure it.

  • No prospect of sector spending boost after General Election

    18 October 2023

    Council chief executives have been told Whitehall spending is unlikely to change quickly regardless of who wins the next General Election.

  • Addressing the mess

    03 October 2023

    Key aspects of our systems of governance are broken, says Matthew Taylor, and radical reform is necessary if the country is to begin fixing the inherent problems.

  • Wales to automatically register voters

    03 October 2023

    The Welsh Government is to establish automatic voter registration for local government and Senedd elections.

  • Learning from powerful and compelling leadership stories

    27 September 2023

    The Rest is Politics podcast provides fascinating insights into leadership, and two recent editions have brought a strong set of maxims to the fore, says managing director of Faerfield Martin Tucker.

  • Bentley insists level two devolution 'best option' for county

    21 September 2023

    Essex CC’s Conservative leader Kevin Bentley has insisted that a level two devolution deal is the ‘best option’ for the county.

  • Deprived areas saw more voters turned away in May

    13 September 2023

    Areas with more deprivation had a higher proportion of voters turned away at the local elections, with disabled, unemployed and ethnic minorities facing greater problems.

  • Union vows to oppose controversial crackdown

    12 September 2023

    Local government’s largest trade union has warned any attempt to impose a controversial crackdown on strikes will be met with strong opposition.

  • The pros and cons of messy devo

    15 August 2023

    Unfinished devolution may feel like a failure to deliver, but can we think differently, ask Catherine Durose and Vivien Lowndes.

  • Keep it communal

    15 August 2023

    Former levelling up secretary Greg Clark is wrong to advocate shifting planning from district to county councils, argues Cllr Barry Wood.

  • Stop micro-managing local issues from the centre

    01 August 2023

    The Prime Minister has ordered a review of low traffic neighbourhoods, yet as local government minister he wasn’t fixated on the minutiae of local delivery, says Heather Jameson.

  • Sector to step up anti-mayor lobbying

    01 August 2023

    The sector is to step up its lobbying for the Government to use its King’s Speech to end its fixation on elected leaders, The MJ understands.

  • A rallying cry for subsidiarity

    31 July 2023

    The new cross-party Effective Governance Forum’s belief is that power should be devolved to the ‘lowest’ level possible, says Tim Knox.

  • Government must set out its case on remote meetings

    24 July 2023

    Even if the answer is a reasoned ‘no’, local government deserves the courtesy of being told the Government's position on remote council meetings, says Ian Miller.

  • Seven in 10 support more control over local services

    17 July 2023

    Nearly 70% of people would like their community to have more control over how local services are delivered, a new poll has revealed.