Spending Review

  • Going places

    17 July 2019

    Martin Reeves says despite the Treasury’s positive assessment of the Total Place pilots over a decade ago, the initiative fell off the radar. He calls on the new Prime Minister to ‘reinvigorate a successor’.

  • Spending Review needs to embody 'strategic, systematic change'

    17 July 2019

    At the Local Government Association (LGA) annual conference, Claire Kober noted the biggest shift in terms of what felt different was the marked deterioration in chief executive's confidence that they can keep on weathering the funding storm.

  • There’s still a long way to go on the road to recycling

    17 July 2019

    We should not be spending less on recycling, but more, according to Heather Jameson. The Government needs to legislate to cut waste at its source.

  • EXCLUSIVE: Dawes in 'internal focus' warning

    16 July 2019

    The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government’s (MHCLG) top mandarin has warned council chiefs that the department will have an internal focus for a while, The MJ understands.

  • Only devolution can protect public services from years of Brexit chaos

    15 July 2019

    Andrew Laird argues that only a renewed and rapid drive to devolve power to cities and local areas can protect local public services from years of Brexit inspired central government inaction and chaos.

  • Are reserves such a bad thing?

    09 July 2019

    The public naming of 11 councils deemed at risk of running out of cash reserves has thrown the spotlight on how this money should be spent. Gary Fielding says careful use of reserves can be the solution to a range of issues.

  • Don't allow this strange summer lull to dilute our focus

    09 July 2019

    There will come a time when a new administration will need a new domestic policy agenda, says John O'Brien. We have to make sure we continue to show how councils should be a vital part of that future, he adds.

  • Showtime by the seaside

    09 July 2019

    Ministers, mandarins, town hall, Whitehall and more all met in Bournemouth last week for the Local Government Association conference. Michael Burton reports on the highlights

  • How can the financial settlement meet its deadline?

    09 July 2019

    The clock is ticking on the countdown to publication of the financial settlement for 2020/21, says Michael Burton - but the timetable is 'spectacularly complex'.

  • Call for delay to finance system reforms

    09 July 2019

    A group of London councils have called for the Government to delay its overhaul of the local government finance system until after Brexit.

  • ADCS conference: Children's services are in the red zone

    04 July 2019

    Children’s services are in the ‘red zone’ and could be ‘overwhelmed’ next year in the event of a one-year Spending Review, a senior director has warned.

  • It's time for a radical rethink on exit payments

    03 July 2019

    The Treasury's proposals for a cap on exit payments need a radical rethink - and ministers must also rapidly address a shopping list of more important issues for districts, says Ian Miller..

  • Grabbing a larger slice of the cake

    03 July 2019

    On paper, cash-strapped councils face many options for raising revenue. As they await the Spending Review, David Phillips argues they need ‘cake decisiveness...to plan how to grow the cake for an increasingly austere diet'.

  • Talking about tomorrow today

    03 July 2019

    How can local leaders ensure the continued health of local government finances and deliver sustainable services, but recapture and retain the faith of their communities in their ability to achieve this? Rob Whiteman explains what needs to be done.

  • What future for local services?

    03 July 2019

    As public sector finance specialists prepare to attend CIPFA's annual conference in Birmingham this week, speaker at the event Graham Atkins says delays to the Spending Review mean councils must plan for more efficiencies.

  • Conquering housing’s many complexities

    03 July 2019

    Cllr Martin Tett highlights how the LGA is working for councils to be given the powers and funding to fix Britain’s broken housing ladder by building new, social rented houses.

  • Bringing in the changes

    03 July 2019

    If the Government fails to adequately fund local government there is a real risk to the future financial viability of some services and councils, writes Mark Lloyd as the LGA annual conference gets into full swing.

  • Brexit and austerity blows threaten service delivery

    03 July 2019

    Nearly half of local authorities say some councils will fail to deliver essential services over the next year, says PwC’s latest annual local government survey.

  • Councils must fill the vacuum at the top of government

    03 July 2019

    Some might argue that central Government should be the sector to provide the reassurance to local government that it has a clue about what to do next, says Michael Burton

  • Banging on the Treasury’s door

    03 July 2019

    The whole sector needs to get behind MHCLG to ensure it punches above its weight and ‘has the clout to bring home the goods’ from the Spending Review. And that means a few things, according to Bob Neill