Spending Review

  • Exploring all the options

    21 January 2020

    The ‘radical rethink’ needed to reform the adult social care system calls for bold decisions, full exploration of all the options – and a funding solution that may need some manoeuvring around manifesto pledges on tax, says Cllr Dave Fothergill.

  • Better reform for better lives

    21 January 2020

    Social care is being addressed as a priority in Number 10. President of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) Julie Ogley talks to Ann McGauran about what she hopes will emerge.

  • Localis hired for fiscal devolution study

    14 January 2020

    The Local Government Association has commissioned research to better understand how greater control of financial and fiscal levers might operate in non-metropolitan areas.

  • ‘We must do more than tinker at the edges’

    09 January 2020

    The system needs a truly sustainable multi-year financial settlement to ensure children and young people with SEND get the support they need, argues Phil Norrey.

  • Bridging the divide

    09 January 2020

    The Prime Minister’s aim of bringing the country back together is welcome, says Lord Kerslake - and dovetails with the UK 2070 Commission’s findings on the scale and direction of travel of the imbalance between North and South.

  • This will be a different Conservative Government

    13 December 2019

    Head of local government at Grant Thornton UK, Paul Dossett, says the fact that the Conservative majority has been won by gaining seats in towns in Wales, the Midlands and the north of England will make a difference.

  • The year that was

    11 December 2019

    It’s been a year notable for things that never were – the Spending Review, social care Green Paper, devolution framework or, indeed, Brexit. But proof emerged that most male councillors are actually called John.

  • All we want for Christmas is

    11 December 2019

    In all, 2019 is a year epitomised more by deficiencies than its successes, says Heather Jameson. We are still awaiting the adult social care Green Paper; the Spending Review; the devolution framework; the local government finance settlement.

  • Devolution legislation planned for Queen's Speech

    02 October 2019

    The Government is planning to launch the next round of devolution legislation in the Queen’s Speech, The MJ understands.

  • Metro mayors call for place-based funding

    30 September 2019

    England’s nine metro mayors have urged the Government to take a place-based approach to funding in the 2020 Spending Review.

  • The Treasury needs to take a place-based view

    18 September 2019

    In its latest broadside, the Institute for Government agrees with local government's view that because it is closest to services it is better placed to manage spending more effectively, says Michael Burton.

  • Liverpool warns of 'perilous financial situation'

    13 September 2019

    Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson has warned the council’s ‘perilous financial situation’ means it faces the ‘worst crisis since the Second World War’.

  • Jenrick: Spending Round puts sector on 'more sustainable footing'

    10 September 2019

    The Spending Round has put local government on a ‘far stronger and more sustainable footing for the future,’ communities secretary Robert Jenrick has told The MJ.

  • Identify children before crisis point

    10 September 2019

    Anne Longfield says that while an extra £1bn for adult and children's services has to be welcome, it will do no more than plug some gaps and leave the systemic problem unaddressed.

  • Short-term funding does not make for long-term solutions

    09 September 2019

    The chancellor's Spending Round may have brought some respite for local authorities, but there is still no long-term solution, says SIGOMA chair Sir Stephen Houghton.

  • A journey starts with a single step

    06 September 2019

    Places like North Yorkshire have never been well funded by governments, according to Richard Webb. He says we will need to see the final departmental settlement detail of the spending round announcements, but at first look the news is very welcome.

  • Scrap the cap on council tax

    05 September 2019

    Ian Miller issues a call to arms to give councils freedom over council tax rises to truly 'turn the page on austerity'.

  • Sajid’s spending no closer to fixing our broken sector

    04 September 2019

    Normal rules no longer apply under the present Government, Heather Jameson writes, but the local government finance system remains broken.

  • Fair funding review and 75% retention delayed

    04 September 2019

    The fair funding review and 75% business rates retention will be delayed until 2021/22, local government secretary Robert Jenrick has confirmed.

  • London Councils lays out its funding priorities ahead of the spending round

    03 September 2019

    In the run up to the spending round, London Councils sets out its priorities for the capital, including an above inflation increase in local government funding next year and additional investment to close the gap in children's social care funding.