Adele Taylor

Adele Taylor

  • Our financial futures are in the balance

    02 November 2017

    With so many issues being considered that will affect our future funding, the importance of all of our income streams continues to increase, writes Adele Taylor.

  • Setting out our stalls ahead of the Autumn Budget

    13 September 2017

    As we move to set our own budgets and medium-term financial plans, we have to remain vigilant to all the emerging risks and pressures in a continually uncertain world, writes Adele Taylor.

  • Supporting communities to deliver change

    02 August 2017

    Adele Taylor asks how councils can co-operate with those in the community with the ability to deliver real change.

  • We have to marry our numbers and our words correctly

    30 May 2017

    Getting the narrative right on our annual finances, as well as the potential future impact, is more important than ever, writes Adele Taylor.

  • Collecting debt can be a balancing act

    11 April 2017

    There are steps councils can take to act transparently and fairly when collecting debt, while also recognising the importance of debt collection in funding services, writes Adele Taylor.

  • Making the mainstream media

    21 February 2017

    It seems now more than ever that the debate over where money is spent by local councils is making front page news in mainstream media.

  • An intriguing dilemma

    13 December 2016

    The evolving technological landscape the nuances around procurement will present councils with an interesting new challenge, says Adele Taylor.

  • Taking care of business rates

    26 October 2016

    A full understanding of the complex picture of business rates reform is crucial if local government is to deliver an effective response to government, writes Adele Taylor

  • Pick of the bunch

    06 September 2016

    How can local government continue to attract talent into the top roles, asks Adele Taylor

  • Wings of change

    06 July 2016

    Local government is an innovative sector and now is the time to let loose some financial creativity, says Adele Taylor

  • Commercialism by any other name

    25 May 2016

    Whether or not progress is badged as commercialism, Adele Taylor says councils must focus on efficiency and keep customers central

  • Counting the coffers

    06 April 2016

    Adele Taylor says investment from local government now could pay dividends in coming years

  • Writing's on the wall

    16 February 2016

    Adele Taylor explains how finance officers have a challenging future ahead as roles transform and expectations change

  • Squirreling away the funds

    30 October 2015

    Adele Taylor questions whether the savings drive means councils are missing out on important opportunities

  • Stamping on fraud

    16 September 2015

    Adele Taylor explains how creating an anti-fraud framework brings big benefits.

  • Every penny counts

    10 September 2015

    As the old saying goes: ‘Every penny counts’ and in times of austerity, that is very true, writes Adele Taylor.

  • We need to tell the story

    14 July 2015

    In recent weeks I have found myself repeating a phrase several times – 'We need to tell the story,’ writes Adele Taylor.

  • A leap of faith

    27 May 2015

    There’s a bit of a buzz building across Hertfordshire as we await a special day in our diaries, writes director of finance at East Herts DC, Adele Taylor.

  • Getting full value

    08 April 2015

    Adele Taylor higlights the important role the Social Value Act has to play in transforming service delivery.

  • Spring cleaning the accounts

    25 February 2015

    Demystifying the complexity of local authority accounts is a necessary piece of de-cluttering, claims Adele Taylor.