A frank and open dialogue

A frank and open dialogue
By Sam Clayden | February 23, 2017

Last week, two senior figures threw down the gauntlet by asking the fundamental question: what is the future for local government? Sam Clayden unpicks the responses from key sector leaders

  • Firm foundations

    By Jessica Studdert | February 1, 2017

    Jessica Studdert breaks down the Government’s recent Building our Industrial Strategy green paper, and says a place-based focus is key to success

  • Dark side of the digital age

    By Dan Peters | January 18, 2017

    The digital revolution promises to transform the way local government operates, but at a recent The MJ/Heat Software round table, council chiefs discussed the darker side of the new age. Dan Peters reports

  • What London chiefs think about the Autumn Statement…

    By Michael Burton | January 10, 2017

    A group of London council chief executives were invited by The MJ and PwC to give their views on the last ever Autumn Statement. Michael Burton reports on their key conclusions.

  • Good growth for cities

    By Jonathan House | December 13, 2016

    While quarterly GDP growth figures and headlines on economic recovery make the news, the figures don’t always chime with the experience and everyday lives of ordinary people, as Jonathan House explains


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That's why they call them senior managers

As local authority chief executives meet at the SOLACE Summit, Blair McPherson examines how their role in the council has transformed in recent years

Can Burnham burst the Westminster bubble?

After being named Labour’s candidate for the Greater Manchester metro mayor, Andy Burnham talks to Thomas Bridge about his aims for the role, the future of devolution and why he wants to step away from Westminster and into local government.

Open scrutiny on government interventions

Dan Peters examines government intervention in children’s services and asks whether greater transparency is required surrounding council improvement

Learning the lessons on school reform

Cllr Roy Perry explains his concerns about the new national funding system for schools and the drive towards academisation, which are among many issues set to be debated at Education Question Time at the LGA’s annual conference

EU need an opinion

Britain’s membership of the EU is set to dominate the news agenda until June’s referendum. Thomas Bridge examines whether local government needs to take a stance on this crucial debate.

HealthMJ: Moving in the right direction

As NHS funding is squeezed and social care expected to take up much of the slack, bridging the gap between hospital and community-based care is an issue all councils will face. Paul Dinsdale reports on how one county council is managing the process

From the archive

The government sets out plans for councils to retain business rate income

The latest consultation report from the resource review proposes to let councils retain some of their business rate. Michael Burton reports.

Watch out for the new public health duties

Michael Burton says 66 new measures for public health suggest councils could face a new wave of red tape.

Video: Failure is not an option for Birmingham

Birmingham City Council chief executive Stephen Hughes has a neat analogy to explain the forthcoming cuts to his staff and members.