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Experienced drivers wanted

Let our localities choose which local delivery vehicles should drive growth and recovery from government’s post-Brexit cash pots, writes Localis chief executive, Jonathan Werran.

Levelling up resembles a jigsaw of disparate ‘pieces of policy’

Arianna Giovannini says there is a consistent lack of clarity about what levelling up means - and it also remains unclear what areas should be 'levelled up'. The Government needs to develop a clear vision and strategy for the long-term, she adds.

Insiders only 

Blair Mcpherson explains why he believes business sector high flyers decide local government is not for them.

Will May be a missed chance?

The Prime Minister wants the elections to go ahead. But Dr Jonathan Carr-West says that whether a U-turn ‘has already happened or is still to come, we have missed an opportunity to make an early and clear decision’.

Future Forum 2017: Shock poll: 50% of chiefs plan to leave local government by 2020

Local government has a looming leadership talent crisis, its brand isn’t sexy and the workforce is ageing. At the recent MJ Future Forum, Julie Towers, Toni Hall and Anthony Lewis of Penna revealed the sector’s positive view of the future.

Shielding from future shocks

Amid a global pandemic, councils are dealing with an ‘eye-wateringly high’ list of obstacles to long-term financial planning, says Gary Fielding. He offers guidance on how to plan a way through uncertainty.

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PluggedIN - Alex Thomson

Health and care integration is easier said than done, argues Localis chief executive.

Bad marks for ministers

Dave Hill explains his concerns about the impact academisation could have on child safeguarding

Brexit and councils will be on the Tory conference agenda

The strongly-represented LGA Conservative Group will have a lot to reflect on during the upcoming annual conference, as its leader, Cllr David Simmonds explains.