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A good gig?

Helen Snow looks at the implications of the gig economy for local authorities

Councils should have a planner in top team

Cuts to planning authority budgets have left them unable to compete with the private sector for the best in leadership talent. It's time for local authority chief executives to put planning back at the top table, says Victoria Hills

Austerity cuts get the blame for Brexit

Domestic political decisions were to blame for Brexit and will do little to help those deprived Leave areas that helped make it happen, says Michael Burton.

Better Times?

The prospect of working somewhere where the aim is more than survival is tempting.But Blair Mcpherson remembers the wise words of his mentor - which prompted a renewed appreciation of the positive aspects of his role.

Shopping around: councils can find fortune by diversifying into retail

Value still exists in the retail sector, but councils need to understand where to look in order to secure a strong return.  By being savvy, they can mitigate the risk and maximise the opportunity, according to James Duncan

Pulling leisure out of the deep end

Denbighshire CC is sharing the learning and the success of its commercial approach to leisure provision with the rest of the UK through a £750 million framework, says Jamie Groves

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How to innovate...

Alex Thomson looks at how local authorities can innovate at a time of austerity.

Review public services in post-austerity Britain

The national housing shortage and lack of jobs for young people are two of the most pressing issues facing the country today.

Reorganisation must not mean a return to the 1990s

Those of us with long memories will recall the drawn-out saga of local government reorganisation in England from 1992 when the Banham Commission trundled round the country like a mediaeval caravan taking soundings.