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Tackling COVID’s hit on leisure

Léonie Cowen takes a look at the commercial and legal issues COVID-19 has caused for local authority indoor leisure.

‘I came to Southend to discover’

First time chief executive Alison Griffin describes herself as an optimist. She tells Sam Clayden that there are opportunities for local authorities to become masters and mistresses of their own destinies

A creative vision for Newham

There is now greater optimism that Newham LBC is reaching a tipping point in its improvement journey, says Tim Aldridge. The ambition is for the council to become a nationally recognised example of best practice by 2023.

Preventing young offenders signing up for a life sentence

Steve Ainsworth explores alternative ways to engage young people and help them turn their back on crime.

Super League would be an own goal for communities

Football clubs are more than Saturday sports venues, says Heather Jameson. 'It is about partnerships across a place, delivering service, support and connections. To lose a key player would be an own goal.'

Harnessing effective comms – the Hounslow way

The part played by Hounslow LBC’s communications team in ensuring residents were effectively made aware of what was happening during the pandemic is one element which may have changed the borough forever, says John Dale.

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Something old, something new

It is troublingthat many voluntary groups face cuts to their funding, despite all the rhetoric about the Big Society, says Nick Raynsford.

Review public services in post-austerity Britain

The national housing shortage and lack of jobs for young people are two of the most pressing issues facing the country today.

Chief officer pay has stood still

A spotlight continues to shine on the pay of chief executives.