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It's time to get serious about digital

Where can we find the right talent to lead ambitious digital transformation in local government? Matt Cockbill explains.

The Civil Service has little to obstruct even if it wanted to

Michael Burton in defence of the Civil Service.

Shaping the digital leaders of tomorrow

Martin Ferguson reflects on the work the Society of Information Technology Management (Socitm) has been doing to prepare the leaders of today for the challenges of tomorrow, and how the rest of the sector is following suit

Living the legacy of suffrage campaigners

One hundred years after some women on the right to vote, Cllr Marianne Overton and Cllr Lesley Clarke assess how far we have come.

Solving the sticky issues in children's social care

Emily Roche offers four steps to solving the 'sticky' problems in children's services.

Deprived areas cannot shoulder the greatest burden of austerity

Sir Stephen Houghton argues it would be unfair for the Government to extend transitional grant, as is currently being lobbied by counties.

From the archive

Time to take real pride in your community

Government austerity means its time to analyse the devlivery of waste management and street cleaning services, says Alex Thomson.

Tributes to Sir Simon Milton at Westminster Abbey

Michael Burton reports from Westminster Abbey, where 1100 friends thronged a service of remembrance paying tribute for the life of Sir Simon Milton.

The public are like politicians

The problem with the public is that they are like politicians: they don’t agree, says Ben Page.