Due diligence matters

Due diligence matters
By Brian Ng | May 27, 2022

Due diligence should not be viewed as a ‘tick box’ exercise, but as a crucial decision-making tool, says Brian Ng. He outlines six considerations he believes are fundamental for councils to consider before making investment or funding decisions.

    Cutting 91,000 civil servants: ‘Efficiency’ at what cost?

    By Lucy Woods | May 27, 2022

    Against a backdrop of unprecedented strain, it is difficult to see how a radical reduction in civil service numbers will increase efficiency or improve the quality of public services, says Lucy Woods.

    We need a more imaginative approach to local leadership

    By Kathy O'Leary | May 27, 2022

    District councils’ local knowledge and closeness to their communities could prove invaluable to levelling up if a more imaginative approach is taken to local leadership, says Kathy O'Leary.

    • Tony Kirkham

    We need a new philanthropy

    By Tony Kirkham | May 27, 2022

    There is a lot more scope for investing in prevention and a partnership across a place is vital if we are to prevent the needs of tomorrow, according to Tony Kirkham.

    Standing up for the Kadens

    By Katie Heath | May 25, 2022

    The tragic story of Kaden Reddick and the court case that followed his death is a sad one. But as Reading Council's Katie Heath explains, it provides a strong example of how local authorities have a moral duty to ensure and uphold health and safety.


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