You may have missed

Government has to recognise the extraordinary challenges councils face

John O'Brien looks ahead to the Autumn Budget, warning the pressures feel extraordinary.

Come what May…

Dan Corry considers the outcome of the rather grim inaugural fiscal announcement of the new May Government

All councils should sign up to peer review challenges

Following the results of a survey by The MJ, Michael Burton argues peer reviews are critical to performance monitoring.

From crisis to stability: a decade of children's services in Haringey

On the anniversary of the death of Peter Connelly, Claire Kober recounts the drastic turnaround Haringey LBC has had to make since the tragedy that shook the borough.

Birmingham’s leader on the horns of a dilemma

The dispute over Birmingham's bin strike has pushed John Clancy into an alley with one union cutting off one escape route and another union blocking the other. Michael Burton says the leader is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.

IFS: How views of local government finance vary across councils

David Phillips looks analyses the results of the IFS's latest business rates report.

From the archive

Why do the markets like the UK?

Spending cuts may be smoke and mirrors.

Greater Mancherster's winning ways

As Morrissey put it succinctly – 'Manchester – so much to answer for', says Paul Wheeler.

Focus on people, places and structures

As the agenda for devolution hurtles ahead at a pace for the Core Cities, the agenda for joined-up public services is the tortoise of reform, crawling forward each year, but never quite getting there.