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HEALTH MJ: Addressing welfare state inequalities

Solutions to the social care funding problem are there, says Michael Burton - they just need leadership from politicians to deliver them.

Who are you talking to?

Who you regularly sit down with and who you talk to one-to-one makes a difference and who gets to talk to who varies from one authority to another, says Blair Mcpherson.

Renewing the focus on growth

We need a refreshed and re-energised emphasis on the role councils can play in supporting place-based growth, explains Jonathan House

The answer to the leadership question

Blair Mcpherson looks at how leaders have to come to terms with the apparent contradictions inherent in demonstrating leadership behaviour.

Housebuilding plans still constrained by affordability

Simone HInes was hoping for confirmation in the spending round that the business rates reset will be deferred until 2021/22 and for measures to improved the ability of local authorities to boost council housebuilding

Boosting jobs for older workers could alleviate social care costs

Social care needs more funding, but the state is missing a trick if it fails to increase employment rates among the more active retirees, says Michael Burton.

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Wellbeing is about much more than just health

Wellbeing has been a familiar term in local government for a number of years but what does this mean in practice, writes New Economics Foundation researcher Christine Berry.

Collective responsibilities

Abdool Kara sets out three example areas - New Homes Bonus, business rates and sector-led improvement - where the councils need to acknowledge and act on the basis of wider needs, even at the expense of authority self-interests.

Now is the time to rebuild the union

Heather Jameson assesses the cost to national unity of the politically engineered divisons that have emerged from this closely contested General Election.