• LGA finance warning kicks off conference

    27 June 2022

    More councils could be tipped into financial crisis while others face emergency in-year cuts due to soaring inflation and living wage increases, the Local Government Association (LGA) warned today.

  • Rising wage bill could lead to service cuts

    21 June 2022

    Government pledges on the National Living Wage (NLW) could cost councils at least £400m over the next two years and force further service cuts, the Local Government Association (LGA) has warned.

  • The new workforce: delivering services post-COVID

    15 June 2022

    Senior public sector officers discussed the challenges of recruitment and retention at a time of unprecedented competition for workers at a round table event in Warwickshire organised by West Midlands’ Employers and The MJ. Paul Marinko reports.

  • Union questions Government severance pay guidance

    14 June 2022

    Government advice that councils should reduce severance payments to bring them into line with the private sector is not based on any real evidence, according to the trade union for local authority chief executives.

  • Fresh strike warning for sector

    13 June 2022

    Unions have warned of more local government strikes.

  • Is now the time to look at senior salaries?

    07 June 2022

    Local government is facing the pinch with supply chain issues hitting services across the board, says Heather Jameson. 'Somehow I can’t see senior staff being the major priority for now – no matter how hard they work', she adds.

  • White van man on... public sector pay

    07 June 2022

    Some boffin has done yet another report saying public sector workers need more money – and don’t we all – but this geezer was surely having a Jubilee joke when he said the poor old pen pushers at the top are the ones in need of a handout.

  • Unions demand 'substantial' pay increase

    06 June 2022

    Councils will be consulted this month after local government trade unions demanded a ‘substantial’ pay increase amid rising costs of food, fuel and household bills.

  • IFS: Senior staff should see pay hikes

    01 June 2022

    Public sector pay rises should focus on senior staff after a decade of focusing on low paid workers, an influential think-tank has claimed.

  • GMB warning over council strikes

    30 May 2022

    Employers in Scotland have been urged to increase their pay offer, in the run up to a ballot over industrial action.

  • Ministers resist calls for further care funding

    24 May 2022

    Councils should not rely on Government grants to fund social care, ministers have said.

  • Equal pay challenge warning

    23 May 2022

    ‘Huge equal pay challenges in many areas’ could be sparked if employers are forced to retrospectively delete pay points, chief executives have been warned.

  • Getting the hybrid model right can improve our workplace culture

    18 May 2022

    If we can get the hybrid work model right in local government we can improve our workplace culture, since women will want to stay, and, in turn, we’ll do a bit more in closing the gender pay gap, says Tracy BIngham.

  • Cost of living crisis loomed large at The MJ Forum

    18 May 2022

    Heather Jameson says it was clear from The MJ Future Forum that the sector is facing a massive agenda. 'But what is perhaps more of a surprise is how little the Queen’s Speech addressed the main issues and captured the zeitgeist of the forum.

  • Government dismisses union's payout view

    17 May 2022

    New Government guidance attempting to limit special severance payments (SSPs) contradicts advice Whitehall received from senior council officials and may be ignored, insiders have warned.

  • Future Forum: Funding gap could grow by up to £2bn

    13 May 2022

    The funding gap facing the sector could grow by up to £2bn over the Spending Review period, the deputy chief executive of the Local Government Association (LGA) has warned.

  • The deep wounds of moral injury

    11 May 2022

    Nick Cole looks at the importance of being alert to ‘moral injury’ and its impact upon workforce wellbeing and retention.

  • Squaring the circle

    11 May 2022

    Newly installed Association of Directors of Adult Social Services president Sarah McClinton tells Ann McGauran how she plans to ensure care workers receive the funding they require to do their best.

  • Count on culture not cash

    04 May 2022

    With inflation outstripping planned wage increases, it will be the culture, working for an innovative authority, in a community – ultimately the job satisfaction – that will attract and keep good people in local government, says Heather Jameson.

  • Actions speak louder than words

    04 May 2022

    Ross Mudie and Annabel Smith argue that plunging yet more people into hardship will lead to a rise in deprivation within the places most in need of levelling up – and make achieving several of the Government’s levelling up missions unfeasible.