Best Practice

  • Regenerating Rochford’s high street

    By Shaun Scrutton | August 14, 2019

    High streets everywhere are feeling the pinch, but Rochford is experimenting with new ways of increasing visitor footfall and engaging the community. Shaun Scrutton reports

  • Good lives for good people

    By Anna Hartley | August 6, 2019

    Working at a neighbourhood level, Wakefield Council is forging a better future for its residents and their communities, says Anna Hartley

  • Starting early to tackle obesity

    By Jonathan Gribbin | August 6, 2019

    Jonathan Gribbin outlines how Nottinghamshire CC will use its inclusion in the Childhood Obesity Trailblazer programme to help the very youngest children develop healthy eating patterns before they start school.

  • How to get the most from a strengths-based approach

    By Clare Harding | July 24, 2019

    Clare Harding outlines the key factors that enable councils to gain the greatest impact from strengths-based approaches to adult social care and says those who do not go beyond a process or practice framework have gained less impact.


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Working with you, for you

By engaging with and seeking the guidance of its young people, Blackpool Council has been able to secure both funds and a new co-production ethic to improve the lives of its residents. Diane Booth explains

Enabling a single version of the truth

Samantha Fitzgerald describes how Northamptonshire’s real time health and social care capacity tool is integrating system data to reduce pressure on accident and emergency departments and help manage capacity within adult social care.

Knowing when to ‘nudge’

Jim McManus outlines how to navigate ‘that nudge thing’ – behavioural economics, insights and science to apply the right solution and avoid wasting time and money

Mapping out a bright future for Hampshire

Cllr Roy Perry outlines the work of the Hampshire 2050 Commission of Inquiry and its focus on maximising the benefits of technological advance and managing the impact of climate change so everyone can continue to enjoy a good quality of life.

Barnsley hits back in battle for the high street

David Shepherd outlines why regeneration is so important for Barnsley and its night time economy, and how the town is fighting back against the apparent ‘decline of the high street’

Celebrating apprenticeships’ success in West Lancashire

West Lancashire BC has exceeded the Government's target for facilitating new apprenticeships. Kim Webber explains how this will help the council deliver its ambitions.