Best Practice

  • Embedding wellbeing in Northern Ireland

    By Lauren Pennycook | November 28, 2018

    Carnegie UK Trust is working with three community planning partnerships to help them address the challenges they face in collecting, analysing and incorporating the data needed to develop a wellbeing framework. Lauren Pennycook outlines the aims.

  • We’re delivering a digital Dorset

    By Penny Mell | November 28, 2018

    As Dorset Councils Partnership transitions into one new council, Penny Mell shows how the combined workforce organisation has focused on digital skills development with the aim of creating a digitally inclusive culture

  • Reinvigorating local democracy

    By Will Godfrey | November 7, 2018

    A conference in Newport this week looked at the future of democracy. Will Godfrey emphasises the city’s ‘proud history of making its voice heard’ and says the role and influence of local government is now more important than ever

  • Outcome-focused alliances should be the only show in town

    By Steve Kay | November 6, 2018

    Steve Kay says the challenges we face are never simply down to money alone - and in North East Lincolnshire Council 'where we are successful it is because we have put outcomes for children and families at the very heart of what we are doing'.


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Dealing with domestic abuse

Tackling persistent domestic violence and abuse through local collaboration is one of the top priorities of the Sutton Plan, explain Mary Morrissey and Steve Tucker

Modular homes offer hope

London's councils are working together to procure modular housing as high-quality temporary accommodation for homeless households. Cllr Darren Rodwell believes it is the first such collaboration in the UK

Managing investment strategies

Malcolm Morley sets out the detail authorities must master if they are to successfully engage with their investment strategies.

Making the transition…

Retention of staff can prove to be an issue, with staff leaving for a number of reasons – but, argues Azfar Ahmed – working as an interim can quickly help you make your mark in an organisation

Stockton’s high street transformation

Stockton has been well ahead of the game when it comes to developing a town centre people want to spend time in for reasons other than just shopping, as Neil Schneider explains