• Dilnot in hypothecated tax warning

    16 October 2018

    The solution to the social care funding crisis should emerge from general taxation and means-testing reforms instead of hypothecated taxes, Sir Andrew Dilnot has warned.

  • Burnham plans 'as bold as NHS creation'

    10 October 2018

    Greater Manchester’s mayor has heralded a series of health reforms that he claims will be ‘equally as bold as the creation of the NHS’.

  • Care cash treats the symptoms not the cause of the crisis

    02 October 2018

    Following Matt Hancock's announcement of extra care cash for care, Dr Jonathan Carr-West says the money is not enough to halt the collapse of the system

  • Health and care inspection regime leaves ‘room for improvement’

    27 September 2018

    The new health and care inspection regime is a ‘significant improvement’ on the previous system, but there is room for improvement, concludes landmark report.

  • white van man

    26 September 2018

    So the number crunchers have suddenly discovered that our life expectancy has stopped improving for the first time since 1982.

  • Let’s hear it for ‘good help’

    26 September 2018

    Christina Cornwell argues that budget allocations, delivery targets and outcome measures seldom reflect what is important to people. Prioritising system goals and productivity is what is needed

  • Integration progress 'slower than anticipated'

    19 September 2018

    Progress on health and social care integration has been ‘much slower than anticipated,’ senior councillors have heard.

  • Changing attitudes

    19 September 2018

    Jo Loughran explains how local authorities across England are helping to end mental health stigma, while Tom Riordan discusses why he is so passionate about changing perceptions of mental ill health

  • white van man

    19 September 2018

    Nothing much happens news-wise in the summer, even Brexit, which is why the papers are so desperate.

  • Rise of the robots

    04 September 2018

    Recent years have seen an increase in the use of robotics in public services. David Rees outlines some of the latest developments and discusses how they can be deployed ethically and effectively.

  • A billion ways to help

    04 September 2018

    Shropshire Council is leading the way in the West Midlands in helping solve the health and social care crisis with technology. Andy Begley looks at how ‘the Broseley project’ has helped older residents in particular to improve their lives.

  • Balancing demand is both a science and an art

    04 September 2018

    Management of demand rejects the idea of cuts to achieve short-term aims, says Donna Hall.

  • Care worth talking about

    04 September 2018

    An initiative creating new community hubs in York has been an early success, easing the pressure on adult social care services and bringing residents closer together. Martin Farran explains

  • Council and health board to foot bill for partnership overspend

    24 August 2018

    Aberdeenshire Council and NHS Grampian have shared the burden of a £3.4m overspend on health and care services.

  • Whiteman urges STPs to set own agenda

    21 August 2018

    Sustainability and transformation partnerships (STP) should seize the initiative to push forward with their own agenda, a senior sector figure has urged.

  • A green paper for change

    08 August 2018

    The delay in providing a strategy for social care and wellbeing is impacting not just the care sector, but other key services around the country. To promote discussion the LGA has produced its own green paper looking beyond social care, as Izzi Seccombe explains.

  • ACOs’ need local flavour

    01 August 2018

    Accountable Care Organisations could help deliver health and social care integration, but if they are to be successful, local government cannot be excluded from the conversation, argues Nathan East.

  • Better Care Fund stand-off continues

    27 July 2018

    The stand-off between the Local Government Association (LGA) and Better Care Fund (BCF) officials will continue after Smith Square refused to endorse the latest guidance.

  • Council demands Government funding to complete hospital

    26 July 2018

    Government funding has been demanded to jumpstart a project to build a hospital that stalled after the collapse of Carillion.

  • Simon Stevens outlines 'opportunity to review' Better Care Fund

    20 July 2018

    The social care green paper and NHS’ 10-year plan provides an ‘opportunity to review’ the Better Care Fund (BCF), NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens has suggested.