• The dash from cash

    26 November 2020

    Head of innovation at Civica Liz O’Driscoll explores how public services can better prepare for the acceleration of the cashless agenda.

  • Time to stop what isn’t working

    24 November 2020

    Before setting their budgets, councils must rethink themselves and the purpose they serve within their communities, argues Professor Donna Hall.

  • Being ready for change is critical

    24 November 2020

    Local government reorganisation is on the near horizon, says Lawrence Conway. He believes South Lakeland DC 'will be well placed to provide a flexible way of working whatever the outcome of this latest round of deliberations'.

  • A crucial role for districts

    17 November 2020

    Martin Ellender says districts, with their local and national partners, must consider 'what has worked well during this incredibly challenging period and protect the strengths in the system highlighted in 2020'.

  • Get ready for a reset between Brexit and pandemics

    04 November 2020

    Two reports from the IfG this week make for stark reading, just as we begin the second lockdown of the pandemic, says Heather Jameson. But there may be changes afoot to health funding that could mean a big shift

  • The difficulty with hired guns 

    29 October 2020

    Independence and credibility are not the only factors to the fore when deciding whether to use management consultants, says Blair McPherson.

  • Digital transformation – the new norm

    26 October 2020

    COVID has forced us to change the way we work forever says Ben Manojlovic, and local authorities have increasingly had to look at digital transformation in order to move forwards – but what are the benefits?

  • Future-proofing Walsall

    26 October 2020

    Remote working can bring challenges, says Dr Helen Paterson. But Walsall MBC’s Workforce Strategy had already started to build agility and helped it become a council that is digital by design.

  • Change in a time of uncertainty

    26 October 2020

    Stephen Young outlines how, as COVID-19 gripped the UK, Lancashire CC took the decision to grab a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a whole series of new working practices and customer experiences from scratch.

  • Hoping to pack a much bigger punch

    21 October 2020

    Delivering council-wide savings rather than micro services reductions is the order of the day, writes Tracie Langley - 'but if we get it right, our staff will find new energy in new skills as part of multi-functional teams'.

  • Coming together whilst staying apart

    19 October 2020

    In the midst of a global pandemic, Boston BC and East Lindsey DC signed off on their strategic alliance. The benefits are already coming to the fore despite the challenges, says Rob Barlow.

  • Using online tools to get businesses and citizens back on their feet

    12 October 2020

    Joe Bedingfield looks at how councils are using online tools to serve citizens throughout and beyond COVID-19, and examines some of the digital usage patterns during lockdown.

  • Survey shows councillors expect more COVID-related cuts

    01 October 2020

    More than two thirds of councillors believe the COVID-19 pandemic will mean further cuts to public sector budgets, according to a UK-wide survey.

  • Two challenges for councils

    30 September 2020

    Professor Mark Thompson believes that while a focus on reducing duplication and waste in the current system of local government has much to recommend it, data should become the lifeblood of any new model.

  • The new (ab)normal?

    23 September 2020

    Green Park’s Neil Lupin looks at one of the most common terms heard since the pandemic began, and asks just what ‘new normal’ means in local government.

  • COVID and Brexit call for radical transformation

    08 September 2020

    Havant BC and East Hampshire DC already have a shared chief executive and senior management team and are now looking to build on their already close partnership, says Gill Kneller. 'We need to be radical', she adds.

  • Councils v Coronavirus: plan beats no plan

    07 September 2020

    Coronavirus scenario planning exercises with councils have revealed insights into the types of decisions local leaders will need to take to support their communities, says Robert Pollock.

  • Moving from the sprint to the heptathlon

    20 August 2020

    Jon Ainger offers  five recommendations for depleted management teams looking to make better recovery decisions in the short term.

  • Moving forward in a time of unprecedented demand

    19 August 2020

    Lawrence Conway says confidence building, hope and support, and visionary and purposeful local leadership are needed ‘as we move forward to build a better world now and for future generations’.

  • Ex-ministers unite in health devolution call

    13 August 2020

    Five former ministers from all three main parties have called for health and social care to be devolved and integrated within a single budget.