Dr Arianna Giovannini

  • Levelling up will not work without sustainable council funding

    20 July 2021

    Rhetoric and big cash injections for large infrastructure projects are not the answer to the urgent issues councils and communities are facing, says Dr Arianna Giovannini.

  • A roadmap to support devolution

    08 June 2021

    Dr Arianna Giovannini explains why the latest report of the Industrial Strategy Council might not be well received in Whitehall.

  • Metro mayors’ mission is clear

    26 May 2021

    Arianna Giovannini considers the results of the metro mayors’ elections and what they tell us about the ‘devolution revolution’ promised by former chancellor George Osborne in 2014.

  • Real power has to be moved away from London

    16 March 2021

    It's time to move real power away from London, not just government offices, argues Dr Arianna Giovannini.

  • Whatever happened to devolution?

    07 October 2020

    Devolution is an ‘unfinished’, disconnected project that benefits some areas but excludes others, says Dr Arianna Giovannini. Shelving the White Paper will foster new inequalities and competition between devo deals ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’, she adds.

  • Why devolution resonates with the public

    30 September 2020

    The centre-local disconnect has become starker during COVID-19 – but a survey shows the public do not see this as the way to shape the country’s route out of the pandemic, say Arianna Giovannini, Jonathan Rose, Edward Cartwright and Jonathan Davies.

  • Pause, reflect and do better

    28 July 2020

    Dr Arianna Giovannini says there is a real risk that this new rhetoric of ‘empowering the local state’ could turn out to be a strategy to shift accountability and responsibility onto local government and away from Westminster.

  • Will coronavirus kill democratic local government?

    01 July 2020

    The Government might welcome an end to elected local government, say Jonathan Davies and Dr Arianna Giovannini. But they argue this outcome would be ‘dangerously short-sighted’.

  • Where do we go from here to ‘level up’ this country?

    09 June 2020

    The survival of the local state might be at stake, but this ‘failing’ is not of its own making, says Dr Arianna Giovannini. Our ‘broken centralised system of governance is the root cause of the meltdown that most councils are facing’, she adds.