Lawrence Conway

Lawrence Conway

Lawrence Conway is chief executive of South Lakeland DC
  • Keeping that personal touch

    27 June 2022

    it’s possible with foresight to design the councils of the future in a way that can adapt to rapidly changing demands without losing that personal touch where it is needed most, says Lawrence Conway.

  • Reorganisation is about transformation not just reform

    22 March 2022

    Many of the core principles of South Lakeland DC's transformation programme will be evident in the new authorities of Cumberland and Westmorland & Furness, says Lawrence Conway.

  • We all need a steady and clear programme for the unitary journey

    01 February 2022

    South Lakeland DC will be abolished and its functions transferred to one of Cumbria's two new unitary authorities. Lawrence Conway says 'great progress can be make when we all put our heads and hearts together'.

  • Getting on with the daily job

    24 November 2021

    Business as usual services must continue at South Lakeland DC with performance kept at the highest levels as local authorities in Cumbria await local government reorganisation and the formation of two new councils, says Lawrence Conway.

  • Moving from good to great in Cumbria

    05 October 2021

    The early stages of the transition programme for reorganisation in Cumbria are being developed and defined, says Lawrence Conway. Moving from good to great will be achieved by 'working with our communities, our partners and our amazing staff.'

  • The Green Book needs to be green in nature

    17 August 2021

    On climate action, it could be argued that the most effective changes we can make are those in which our chosen leaders make solid commitments, followed by sturdy regulation and effective enforcement, says Lawrence Conway.

  • An impressive transformation

    29 June 2021

    South Lakeland DC's main office building has been refurbished as one element in a wholesale transformation of the organisation, says Lawrence Conway. The council is 'now in the position to further embed our new ways of working', he adds.

  • We need to avoid a fractured, inefficient and uneven model of recovery

    12 May 2021

    Any improvement to local facilities, whether economic, leisure, hardship or climate-related, should be planted in a future that communities can recognise and buy into, argues Lawrence Conway.

  • The data tells a clear story of what's needed to rebuild back better

    23 March 2021

    South Lakeland has the highest percentage of furloughed employees in England. The gulf that exists between the criteria for levelling up funding and this set of economic circumstances is not lost on anyone locally, says Lawrence Conway.

  • Cementing growth plans in The Bay

    02 February 2021

    Whatever your thoughts may be on local government reorganisation it has brought together the three councils of Barrow, Lancaster and South Lakeland 'like nothing before', says Lawrence Conway.

  • Being ready for change is critical

    24 November 2020

    Local government reorganisation is on the near horizon, says Lawrence Conway. He believes South Lakeland DC 'will be well placed to provide a flexible way of working whatever the outcome of this latest round of deliberations'.

  • The strain caused by COVID is starting to show

    06 October 2020

    Lawrence Conway says the continued variations to coronavirus measures introduced by Government 'mean we have to be agile, flexible and quite often we must use our own local leadership and innovations to best implement and serve our communities'.

  • Moving forward in a time of unprecedented demand

    19 August 2020

    Lawrence Conway says confidence building, hope and support, and visionary and purposeful local leadership are needed ‘as we move forward to build a better world now and for future generations’.

  • Start devolution plans with a vision and purpose to unite

    30 June 2020

    On plans for devolution, care should be taken not to start with structures and short- term initiatives, as important as they are, says Lawrence Conway. A future filled with hope, confidence and prosperity for the whole nation must surely be the entry point, he adds.

  • Districts are agile, responsive and efficient in the face of adversity

    13 May 2020

    District councils have been working hard, along with public sector colleagues, to ensure the national response to the current emergency is having the desired effect of saving lives and protecting our communities, says Lawrence Conway.

  • We won't let our citizens down

    25 March 2020

    Lawrence Conway says South Lakeland DC is 'asking our teams to be flexible about how they work and respond positively to the changes we are making - we will do this with our partners, and support our communities in any way we can'.

  • Have we moved much in the past decade?

    05 February 2020

    Lawrence Conway reviews some of the key themes that were crucial to districts during the past 10 years - and to look ahead to the next 10.

  • Making the most of our cultural assets

    27 November 2019

    The three councils of Lancaster City, Barrow and South Lakeland are coming together to pilot a new model that 'aims to capture and maximise our individual and collective cultural assets', says Lawrence Conway.

  • We're now a better organisation

    15 October 2019

    Lawrence Conway says Lakeland DC's transformation programme Customer Connect has resulted in a better organisation, 'with a future and vision we all share and all work towards'.

  • It's time for us all to grasp the complexities of local places

    14 August 2019

    Lawrence Conway says that as we travel to an unknown point in time for our economy, our role as place shapers and leaders in our communities will be some of the essential ingredients in how successful our future will be as a district council.