• COSLA conference: Ex-PM Brown says Scottish Government must do more on child poverty

    10 October 2019

    Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has launched a scathing attack on the Scottish Government’s efforts to tackle the ‘nationwide epidemic’ of child poverty.

  • Star pupils

    14 August 2019

    The lyrics to Swinging on a Star were reportedly penned after crooner Bing Crosby made a quip to one of his children.

  • Working with you, for you

    06 August 2019

    By engaging with and seeking the guidance of its young people, Blackpool Council has been able to secure both funds and a new co-production ethic to improve the lives of its residents. Diane Booth explains

  • Working with you, for you

    06 August 2019

    Diane Booth explains that by engaging with and seeking the guidance of its young people, Blackpool Council has been able to secure both funds and a new co-production ethic to improve the lives of its residents.

  • Improvements for Worcestershire children's services

    29 July 2019

    Worcestershire CC’s children’s services have improved since they were rated inadequate three years ago, with families better cared for now, Ofsted has said.

  • Court ruling defends council but warns others

    10 June 2019

    A crucial Supreme Court judgment has dismissed a family’s claim against a council for housing them next to an abusive household, but stressed authorities may still have a duty of care in other circumstances.

  • Spending Review should put aside £3bn for children's services - MPs

    30 April 2019

    The Government needs to release at least £3bn of non-ring-fenced funding to local authorities to save children’s services from the ‘crisis’ they are in, MPs have said.

  • A system ‘that’s failing children and young people’

    02 April 2019

    What lies behind the upward trend in the number of youngsters being moved to live a long way from home, and what can be done to keep more of them in their own communities? Ann McGauran reports.

  • Council vows to challenge Government's data sharing rules

    02 April 2019

    A Scottish council has vowed to challenge the Government’s restrictive rules on information sharing with local authorities.

  • Commissioner appointed to Blackpool

    26 March 2019

    An Essex CC director has been drafted in as a commissioner to oversee Blackpool Council’s children’s services after an Ofsted report last year found it was ‘inadequate’.

  • MPs launch missing children inquiry

    26 March 2019

    MPs have today launched an inquiry into the increasing number of children being placed in homes out of their boroughs.

  • Hungry kids and foodbanks could become 'normal'

    06 March 2019

    Children arriving at school hungry and families queuing up at foodbanks ‘could become part of the wallpaper’ of everyday life, the president of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services (ADCS) has warned.

  • Refocusing on the right interventions

    06 March 2019

    National policy has moved towards the importance of integrated, targeted responses – and Norfolk has developed its new Early Childhood and Family Service with this in mind, says Sara Tough

  • Councils ‘failing’ children exploited by gangs, report reveals

    28 February 2019

    The same mistakes that led to child sexual exploitation failings are being repeated with gangs, the children’s commissioner has warned.

  • White Van Man on... childhood

    30 January 2019

    When I was a kid I used to roam everywhere and my folks didn’t care so long as I was back for tea.

  • Nine out of ten councils blow the budget on children's care

    09 January 2019

    Nearly ninety percent of councils overspent on children’s social care last year, according to figures released by the Local Government Association.

  • Ofsted boost for Calderdale children

    19 December 2018

    Calderdale Council’s children’s services has been rated as good with outstanding features in its latest Ofsted inspection.

  • Pressure piled on children's secretary over funding

    15 November 2018

    Councils have increased pressure on children and families secretary Nadhim Zahawi to secure more funding from the Government’s spending review.

  • The trouble with troubled families

    13 November 2018

    In the melee of the adult social care cash crisis, rising children’s services pressures and pothole funding chasms, Troubled Families budgets have been low down the list of priorities, writes Heather Jameson

  • The risk from cuts

    13 November 2018

    Children’s social care has become more efficient since 2010, but Graham Atkins argues this will be difficult to push further and cuts to wider services risk increasing demand