Heather Jameson

Heather Jameson

Heather Jameson is editor of the MJ
  • Measuring success is more than just boosting GDP

    19 June 2019

    The past decade in local government has been dominated by pushing forward local economies, with subtle shifts in focus, but tirelessly chasing GDP, says Heather Jameson. But is there a new way?

  • Government must invest to take pressure off hospitals, says ADASS

    13 June 2019

    Central government needs to invest in social care and primary health in a bid to take the pressure off hospitals, the president of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services has said.

  • A crackdown on sexism is the first step towards equality

    12 June 2019

    For a senior woman in local government to be subjected to comments about her 'good breeding hips' is appalling, says Heather Jameson - and 'let's not even get started on BAME representation'.

  • LGA's own leadership race is underway

    11 June 2019

    The Local Government Association’s very own leadership election is underway with three Conservative candidates throwing their hats into the ring to become the next chairman.

  • Westminster announces u-turn on cuts to youth services

    11 June 2019

    Westminster City Council leader Nickie Aiken has admitted the council made a mistake when it cut funding to youth services.

  • EXCLUSIVE: Miller in talent exodus warning

    04 June 2019

    The ‘vilification’ of public servants risks driving considerable talent out of local government, former president of chief executives’ organisation Solace, Jo Miller, has told The MJ.

  • In-work poverty is the scourge of our time, says Miller

    30 May 2019

    ‘In-work poverty is the scourge of our time,’ former Solace president Jo Miller has told BBC’s Women’s Hour.

  • IFS warns of stark choices on council finances

    29 May 2019

    Government faces a stark choice between giving councils more cash or accepting fewer services, the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has warned.

  • Funding’s stark reality needs an honest debate

    28 May 2019

    The IFS concluded in its report that local government finances are broken and we need a national discussion on whether to raise taxes or cut services. Heather Jameson says the sector needs to be honest and open about the debate.

  • LGA misses peer review target

    24 May 2019

    The Local Government Association (LGA) has missed its target to halve the number of councils that have not had a corporate peer challenge, its latest progress report has revealed.

  • Panorama care programme prompts police probe

    23 May 2019

    A police investigation has been launched after the BBC’s Panorama programme uncovered abuse and maltreatment of vulnerable adults at a Durham hospital.

  • What is local government really worth?

    22 May 2019

    Does all the ambition for local government come down to core service and self-sustainability, asks Heather Jameson. Where is the full funding, fiscal freedom and the local discretion?

  • The biggest challenge in local government

    22 May 2019

    Last week, James Brokenshire announced the reorganisation of Northamptonshire CC – a year later than was originally planned. Heather Jameson speaks to chief executive Theresa Grant and her commissioners on progress at the crisis-hit county.

  • The people with the plan

    15 May 2019

    Barking and Dagenham LBC is now three years into a change programme that puts people at its heart. Heather Jameson talks to chief executive Chris Naylor on the story so far.

  • Press pause on fair funding review

    15 May 2019

    Crippled by austerity and uncertainty, councils are financially paralysed and facing failure. Heather Jameson says it's time to press pause on the fair funding review until central government decides on the amount of cash for local government.

  • Whiteman calls for fair funding review delay

    14 May 2019

    The fair funding review should be delayed until after the Spending Review, finance expert Rob Whiteman has suggested.

  • Cut business rates, claims Treasury's Truss

    09 May 2019

    Business rates should be cut to support the private sector, chief secretary to the Treasury, Liz Truss, told a Smith Square debate last night.

  • EXCLUSIVE: Fight for oversight

    09 May 2019

    Brokenshire moves to impose fresh conditions on ‘top slice’ cash

  • Call for councils to 'embrace' scrutiny

    08 May 2019

    The Government called on councils and combined authorities to ‘embrace’ scrutiny as it issued new guidance.

  • Let’s admit the failures of councils and their funding

    08 May 2019

    It can only be a good thing if Government wants to increase governance, protect the public and improve services, says Heather Jameson. But it needs to start by ensuring public services are properly funded and admitting where they are going wrong.