• We need the help of Government to support Afghan arrivals

    18 January 2022

    Cllr Danny Thorpe says that it was his London council and local NHS partners who supported traumatised Afghan refugees, and once again ‘local authorities and charities are bearing the brunt of the responsibility’.

  • Management team split for Hampshire councils

    06 January 2022

    East Hampshire DC and Havant BC will establish their own management teams after a 12-year partnership, the councils have announced.

  • Presenting simple and clear messages on our finances is crucial

    15 December 2021

    Describing the impact of actions on our finances in an intelligible and engaging way should be built into our training and development for all of our staff, says Adele Taylor.

  • Conquering vaccine hesitancy

    13 December 2021

    Emily Morrison looks at the results of a comparative UK-USA study of vaccine engagement to find out if a community engagement approach can improve take-up rates and build trust.

  • Taking action on air pollution

    13 December 2021

    Can air quality be improved through the power of good collective decision-making, facilitated by digital technology? Ann McGauran reports on a recent experiment.

  • The social state

    01 December 2021

    COVID-19 restrictions may have been lifted but a new report by Demos and Capita, launched at The MJ Future Forum, revealed people are less likely to make and build new relationships now than they were in the first lockdown.

  • Trust in councils higher than national Government, research finds

    26 November 2021

    The public placed more trust in local authorities than national Government in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the findings of a new survey.

  • Councils battle to prevent 'lost generation'

    25 November 2021

    Children’s services directors have said they face a challenge to avoid the emergence of a ‘lost generation’.

  • Why stewardship and regeneration go hand-in-hand

    24 November 2021

    Why has Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council become one of the first local authorities to adopt the stewardship model for its own new place-making company? Cllr Philip Broadhead explains.

  • Crowdfunding’s hive of activities

    24 November 2021

    Cllr Jenny Forde explains why, as COVID-19 struck, Cotswold DC chose to work with funding platform Spacehive, and offers five top tips for successful crowdfunding.

  • Getting on with the daily job

    24 November 2021

    Business as usual services must continue at South Lakeland DC with performance kept at the highest levels as local authorities in Cumbria await local government reorganisation and the formation of two new councils, says Lawrence Conway.

  • What reform of adult social care should look like

    22 November 2021

    Ahead of the National Children and Adult Services Conference this week, ADASS trustee Cath Roff outlines the four elements she believes should be at the heart of social care reform.

  • Lambeth is already stepping up on climate action

    22 November 2021

    Lambeth will release its borough-wide Climate Action Plan next month. It is vital that our Government recognises that local councils must be at the centre of the campaign against the climate crisis, says council leader Cllr Claire Holland.

  • Why not put schools at the heart of place-wide net-zero Carbon transition?

    18 November 2021

    EQUANS is working with schools, councils, and Multi-Academy Trusts to benchmark their current energy and carbon consumption and provide detailed ‘Roadmap Reports’ that demonstrate how they can decarbonise and save energy.

  • Ring-fenced funds are not well suited to the roaring demand challenges of the twenties

    16 November 2021

    By doing away with ring-fences all together, local partners would be freed up to collaborate and share more power and resource directly with communities, argues Jessica Studdert.

  • Councils need power and financial freedom to tackle housing, says think-tank

    16 November 2021

    Councils and communities need more powers and financial freedoms to drive new development and resolve the housing crisis, a think-tank has argued.

  • Let’s harness the energy of our youth to shape climate emergency declarations

    14 November 2021

    Fay Holland of Groundwork says young people want to be involved in decisions about tackling the climate emergency, and it’s crucial to make sure they’re all included.

  • What have you done for me lately?

    08 November 2021

    It’s hardly surprising that councillors are keen to not want the opposition to take unjustified credit for what the local authority has done for the public, says Blair Mcpherson.

  • Has COVID strengthened councils’ links with communities?

    02 November 2021

    Local authority change management consultancy certainly believes in the community aspect of COVID’s impact, says Norse Chief Operating Officer Justin Galliford.

  • The ‘sticky’ stuff

    26 October 2021

    Local government has a battle on its hand with ministers to convince it can make policy cohere at the level of place, writes Jonathan Werran.