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  • Richmond and Wandsworth: The power of two

    By Heather Jameson | February 6, 2018

    Paul Martin speaks to Heather Jameson about Richmond upon Thames RLBC and Wandsworth LBC's shared services arrangements.

  • Storm clouds gather over the sector

    By Michael Burton | February 6, 2018

    A wave of reports last month on the impact of Brexit on local government signals its rise on the priority list for the sector this year. Michael Burton reports.

  • Are we being priced out?

    By Sam Clayden | February 6, 2018

    Public sector workers are experiencing a real-terms pay cut, while senior managers have seen their income cut dramatically in the past eight years. Sam Clayden unveils the latest pay research by Unison.

  • An alternative commissioning model

    By Léonie Cowen and Andrew Rome | February 1, 2018

    High cost residential care for children is a major source of financial difficulties for local authorities. Léonie Cowen and Andrew Rome believe there are more effective and efficient ways of commissioning placements.

  • How digital innovation can aid new partnerships

    By Sam Clayden | February 1, 2018

    With council merger, combined authority and joint management plans especially active in the South West The MJ and BT hosted a round table dinner with prominent chief executives from the region to discuss how digital innovation can help progress [..]

  • Rotherham: a place that needed good news

    By Heather Jameson | January 31, 2018

    Rotherham MBC has finally achieved a positive Ofsted rating. The council is now trying to turn around the town's tarnished reputation. Heather Jameson reports.

  • Norfolk CC is back on the march

    By Sam Clayden | January 29, 2018

    After five years as an ‘inadequate’ authority, Norfolk CC’s children’s services have seen a turnaround. Sam Clayden speaks to top officers about its improvement journey to date and its ambitions for the future.

  • Tierful times

    By Andrew Muter | January 18, 2018

    Andrew Muter combines the district and county spending power figures and uncovers a worrying trend.

  • The fall of the tri-borough

    By Dan Peters | January 18, 2018

    Dan Peters looks back at the events leading to the collapse of the tri-borough and asks how the three councils are going to address significant health and care inequalities across their patch.

  • A leap into the unknown

    By Sam Clayden | January 16, 2018

    Sam Clayden guides us through the biggest events of a tumultuous year.

  • 'The finance system is broken beyond the next few years'

    By Heather Jameson | January 16, 2018

    With the provisional local government finance settlement published so late in the day before Christmas, you could be forgiven for missing it. Heather Jameson reveals analyses the impact of a 1% council tax increase.

  • A response to the Industrial Strategy white paper

    By Sam Clayden | December 13, 2017

    Shaping the Industrial Strategy is among the most pressing challenges facing local authority leaders. Sam Clayden reports on what sector chiefs believe must be done