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  • Investors upbeat over UK’s cities and regions

    By Michael Burton | April 14, 2019

    Michael Burton tests the mood of international investors’ attitudes to the UK’s cities and regions at this year’s giant MIPIM event.

  • How chiefs can lead digital change

    By Heather Jameson | April 14, 2019

    At a round table debate in Manchester, The MJ and BT discussed the implications of digital transformation for senior management of local authorities. Heather Jameson reports.

  • Travelling on the long road to improvement

    By Heather Jameson | April 14, 2019

    After the big developments of the past week – with the improvement team finishing its intervention and a stern report warning of the work still to be done to stabilise Birmingham’s finances, Heather Jameson talks to chief executive Dawn Baxendale

  • A system ‘that’s failing children and young people’

    By Ann McGauran | April 10, 2019

    What lies behind the upward trend in the number of youngsters being moved to live a long way from home, and what can be done to keep more of them in their own communities? Ann McGauran reports.

  • The gentrification problem

    By Ann McGauran | April 9, 2019

    With the capital facing a complex list of housing challenges, the recent London Housing Conference brought the public and private sectors together to share perspectives and work towards solutions. How did they get on? Ann McGauran reports

  • ‘We want something totally transformational’

    By Ann McGauran | April 4, 2019

    A new book from Nesta brings together knowledge on innovatation. One process is the 100 Day Challenge. Ann McGauran outlines how this has been useful in bringing about system change in Essex.

  • Fighting back against homelessness

    By Ann McGauran | April 3, 2019

    A year ago the Local Government Homelessness Commission (LGHC) was launched by the Local Government Information Unit (LGiU). Ann McGauran looks at what evidence it uncovered and what recommendations are likely to emerge.

  • The beginning of the end of homelessness in Scotland?

    By Ann McGauran | April 2, 2019

    Housing First has become the default approach to taking on homelessness in Glasgow. Ann McGauran talks to Douglas Gibson about how Scotland is ramping up delivery of the programme.

  • Reading is ‘ahead of the game’ on BIDS

    By Ann McGauran | April 2, 2019

    Reading’s second Business Improvement District is believed to be the first one in a town uniquely aimed at a business area.

  • Medway’s mega renaissance

    By Dan Peters | March 28, 2019

    Chief executive of Medway Council Neil Davies wants to brand the whole of Medway as a single high-profile waterfront university city. Dan Peters reports

  • Keeping intervention uppermost in mind

    By Martin Ford | March 28, 2019

    Dame Louise Casey, creator of the Troubled Families programme, says the vindication given by the scheme's evaluation came as a ‘relief’.But the Spending Review is the chance to ensure investment in early intervention continues. Martin Ford reports

  • A taxing problem

    By Heather Jameson | March 26, 2019

    Heather Jameson looks at the latest report from the IFS’s Local Government Finance Commission, which suggests a local income tax would be the best option for fiscal devolution.