Ann McGauran

  • Committing to youth wellbeing

    24 April 2019

    Councils are being ‘forced to divert the limited funding they have left away from preventative work. But with levels of knife crime rising, will the Government put more money into targeted youth services responses? Ann McGauran reports

  • Don’t let children’s services become ‘black box’ of council

    12 April 2019

    Chief executive Merran McRae has warned her colleagues not to let 'insular' children’s services become the 'black box' of their council.

  • Austerity 'could end at the Spending Review'

    11 April 2019

    There is a ‘genuine chance’ austerity will end at the Spending Review, according to upbeat director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, Paul Johnson.

  • A system ‘that’s failing children and young people’

    02 April 2019

    What lies behind the upward trend in the number of youngsters being moved to live a long way from home, and what can be done to keep more of them in their own communities? Ann McGauran reports.

  • Mental health problems lead to more sick days at Newcastle City Council

    29 March 2019

    Stress and mental health issues are causing an increase in sick days taken by staff at Newcastle City Council, according to new figures.

  • The beginning of the end of homelessness in Scotland?

    27 March 2019

    Housing First has become the default approach to taking on homelessness in Glasgow. Ann McGauran talks to Douglas Gibson about how Scotland is ramping up delivery of the programme.

  • Fighting back against homelessness

    27 March 2019

    A year ago the Local Government Homelessness Commission (LGHC) was launched by the Local Government Information Unit (LGiU). Ann McGauran looks at what evidence it uncovered and what recommendations are likely to emerge.

  • The gentrification problem

    27 March 2019

    With the capital facing a complex list of housing challenges, the recent London Housing Conference brought the public and private sectors together to share perspectives and work towards solutions. How did they get on? Ann McGauran reports

  • ‘We want something totally transformational’

    27 March 2019

    A new book from Nesta brings together knowledge on innovatation. One process is the 100 Day Challenge. Ann McGauran outlines how this has been useful in bringing about system change in Essex.

  • Reading is ‘ahead of the game’ on BIDS

    27 March 2019

    Reading’s second Business Improvement District is believed to be the first one in a town uniquely aimed at a business area.

  • A charter to tackle County Lines

    18 March 2019

    Islington LBC’s first report on the local implementaton of the Charter Against Modern Slavery shows it has led to progress in earlier identification of children at risk of exploitation through County Lines. Ann McGauran reports

  • Modern slavery referrals rocket

    15 March 2019

    Referrals of potential victims of modern slavery made by councils have soared tenfold in five years, new figures have shown.

  • Hungry kids and foodbanks could become 'normal'

    06 March 2019

    Children arriving at school hungry and families queuing up at foodbanks ‘could become part of the wallpaper’ of everyday life, the president of the Association of Directors of Children’s Services (ADCS) has warned.

  • EXCLUSIVE: Government must 'step up' on adult social care

    28 February 2019

    The council ranked the best at delivering most for the money it spends on adult social care has called on the Government to ‘step up’.

  • Interserve announces details of its rescue plan

    27 February 2019

    Outsourcing specialist Interserve has announced details of the proposed rescue plan it has agreed with its lenders.

  • Rebooting the relationship

    27 February 2019

    The transfer of public health responsibilities to councils has been a success, say sector experts interviewed for an independent report commissioned by the County Councils’ Network. But health stakeholders are not so positive.

  • MPs should implement PM's Brexit deal for now, says Labour leader of Barnsley MBC

    25 February 2019

    Labour leader of Barnsley MBC, Sir Steve Houghton, has called on MPs to implement the Prime Minister's Brexit deal for now - with a further referendum to be held in five years' time.

  • Budgeting for a level playing field

    19 February 2019

    A new report looks at how budgeting to promote equality between men and women is gaining ground beyond the UK. Ann McGauran asks how much progress is being made in Scotland and England.

  • Many Tower Hamlets' businesses not well enough prepared for 'no deal'

    14 February 2019

    There has been insufficient planning for a ‘no deal’ scenario among many businesses in Tower Hamlets, a new report has revealed.

  • NILGA: Give councils the power to change Northern Ireland

    11 February 2019

    The Northern Ireland Local Government Association (NILGA) has called for the role of councils to be formally reviewed and strengthened after the elections in May, giving greater decision making powers to local people and places.